Why You Need a Warranty to Protect Your Child’s Smartphone

The smartphone market is gigantic, raking in nearly 400 billion dollars in 2020. All this competition results in low prices and a huge selection of phones available for people of every age. This includes — much to the chagrin of some parents — children.
In recent years, kids have become a major target for smartphone manufacturers. As such, children are also a top prospect for extended warranties. But, while protecting a new phone with a warranty seems like a great idea, do refurbished or cheap models for children need the same level of protection?
The answer is simple: yes! We highlight the key reasons for protecting children's smartphones below.

Reason #1: Kids Break Things

It should be no surprise that this is the main reason to protect any electronic device frequently used by kids. At one time, toy manufacturers relied on kids to abuse their toys in hopes that they would break and need to be replaced. While that practice is less prevalent thanks to online reviews and consumer-friendly return policies, children will always be rough with their gadgets.
It's easy to shed unwanted, obsolete tech and let the kids tinker around with these devices until they break. But is that a good idea? Studies have shown that introducing high-quality, modern technology to children at an appropriate age can be beneficial.
As such, while it might be tempting to use old phones as hand-me-downs and skip warranty coverage, it's better to let children use something that's relatively current. The last thing any parent wants is to listen to their children begging to use their phone because they broke theirs. A warranty should help in this regard, as it can quickly repair or replace damaged phones — and get them back into the kids' often impatient hands.

Reason #2: Even Cheap Smartphones Aren't Cheap

Apple's latest "budget" iPhone — the newly announced iPhone SE — is set to retail for $429. While this is an outlier and not indicative of the real budget smartphone market, it just goes to show how pricey these devices can be. The cost of repairing a broken screen — or replacing the device altogether — is only going to continue to rise as phone prices do the same.
However, a warranty offers protection. Warranties cover essential repairs and replacements, significantly reducing the cost. This is important, for, returning to reason #1: kids' phones are bound to break eventually.

Reason #3: Cases and Screen Protectors Don't Offer Realistic Protection

Products designed to shield phones from the dangers of the outside world are mostly reliable. That being said, they aren't perfect, and they can sometimes have the opposite effect. Brave smartphone users who never use a case are more inclined to treat their phones carefully. Kids are far less inclined to do so, regardless of whether a given phone is outfitted with a case or not.
Screen protectors and bulky cases do a lot to limit the damage done during a fall or rough outing in a backpack, but that is simply not enough. Another consideration is that the majority of cases don't offer protection for charging ports or other openings on the device. An extended warranty covers screen replacements, giving users peace of mind.

Which Warranty is The Best for A Child's Smartphone?

Warranties offered by retailers or device manufacturers don't have the range of protection needed for today's busy kids and their phones. Retailers' terms and conditions are confusing to understand. And making a claim can be a dreadful customer service experience.
In contrast, Upsie eliminates typical warranty issues, making it the best option for protecting a child's smartphone. Upsie offers a Smartphone Subscription Warranty with Terms and conditions that are easy to understand. And with 24/7 customer service along with online submissions, making a claim is easier than ever. Best of all, Upsie’s warranty protection includes coverage for drops, liquid spills, screen damage, and defects. With Upsie, customers can protect their kids’ smartphones with affordable and comprehensive coverage.

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