The Upsie Smartphone Warranty: How Protection Works

Smartphone owners have plenty of reasons to keep their devices in tiptop shape. Mostly, today's users don't just rely on their phones for communication. People also use smartphone apps for productivity, scheduling, entertainment, and shopping. If the phone stops functioning well, it can cause serious inconveniences.
Even more, Statista estimated 2022's used smartphone market has tripled in size since 2016 and will top $52 billion by 2022. The resale market boomed, as well, as smartphones got more expensive and sophisticated. Many smartphone owners want to preserve their phones to enhance their resale value and trade them in for new models. Others hope to save money by purchasing used phones in good condition. This growing resale market offers another incentive to keep smartphones in great shape with a smartphone warranty.

How to Keep Smartphones in Good Shape

High-quality smartphones cost quite a bit of money, and the cost and value of these devices explain why most smartphone owners try to take good care of their devices. For instance, prudent device owners buy phone cases and screen protectors to guard against common accidents. Smartphone owners should also pay attention to software updates to enhance security and keep their devices efficient.
Even with the best care, smartphones commonly suffer from such problems as defective batteries, broken or malfunctioning screens, or connectivity issues. Due to the portable nature of phones, they also get dropped or spilled on frequently. People should take measures to reduce the risk of smartphone problems. However, no amount of care will guarantee a trouble-free experience.
Repair bills can vary, but according to Yelp, people may pay up to $220 to get one problem with their phones fixed. Sometimes, phone damage will even require more than one repair. For instance, a dropped phone might need its broken screen and an LED backlight replaced. Repair bills don't include only the cost of new parts but also labor.

How Upsie Smartphone Extended Warranties Work

An Upsie smartphone subscription warranty can relieve concerns about unexpected repair bills. Even more, these protection plans help ensure prompt access to certified technicians. Take a minute to understand how Upsie works for customers who require smartphone repairs:
  • Purchase an Upsie smartphone plan: Upsie doesn't have an eligibility window for smartphone subscriptions. Purchase Upsie's warranties for both new and old smartphones.
  • Wait for coverage to start: For new phones registered on the day of purchase, coverage begins right away. Otherwise, coverage will begin on the 31st day after purchasing the warranty.
  • Accident damage protection: Upsie covers all of life’s accidents, like drops and spills.
  • Work with the manufacturer's warranty: Upsie works alongside the manufacturer's warranty to repair covered defects. After the manufacturer's warranty expires, Upsie extends that protection.
  • Obtain repairs: Call Upsie claims representatives 24-7 to start your repair. Upsie offers a choice of mail-in and certified local repairs for smartphones, including Apple’s Genius Bar. Or Upsie will pay for two-way, two-day postage for mail-in repairs.
In some cases, repairs aren’t possible. Then, if no claims have been made, Upsie will buy a replacement phone.
Upsie also has affordable deductibles. The deductible for cracked screen repairs (the most common type of damage) is $0. For other repairs, the deductible is $109, and the replacement deductible is $149. In addition, the monthly subscription cost is affordable and costs just $9.99 per month.
Most of all, Upsie's robust protection plans cover damage to screens, batteries, electronic components, and much more. They don't exclude wear or accidents, and they will cover defects after the limited warranty expires.

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