Never Settle with OnePlus or Your Outdated Phone Insurance

When it’s time to buy a new smartphone, you probably consider it an investment because so many brands and models come with high price tags these days. Besides the cost, your phone does so much to support your personal and work life. You'll want to keep it in pristine working order for its lifetime in your hands and at your disposal. The Chinese electronics company, OnePlus, continues developing new features and specifications for their smartphones and has already released new models, with more coming by the end of 2021.

It's challenging enough to try to decide on the right smartphone and mobile plan. However, it's also essential to pause and think about your smartphone insurance plan and what it can do for you. Many people don't think much about buying smartphone insurance and forget, neglect, or reject the option to take this important step in their purchase. Maybe it's worth the risk to them, but can you stand the thought of using your OnePlus smartphone for two or more years with a cracked screen? How much would it bother you to pay the expense of repair fees?
With all that in mind, it's important to explore your phone insurance options, whether you go with a OnePlus Never Settle plan or something else. In any case, you have smartphone insurance options that won't break the bank.

What Do You Get from OnePlus with the Never Settle Insurance Plan?

If you think about it, the phrase "never settle" can work to your advantage or to the company's advantage, depending on the circumstances. Ideally, it means that OnePlus always keeps your interests in mind when delivering fair smartphone insurance fees and services. That may or may not always be the case. Some customers report that the philosophy sometimes falls short when it comes to following through on warranty promises.
With many businesses, there is only so much they might invest in retaining loyal customers over time. It isn't that they don't believe in their product as much as they might understand that many people have become complacent and accepting of a disposable society to a certain degree. It's only natural that many companies, even those in electronics, offer the bare minimum in coverage.
OnePlus offers a one-year limited warranty covering all the usual OnePlus Care Benefits, which includes a 50% discount on battery replacement and some coverage on factory-related issues that arise in that timeframe.
Here are some factors to consider when contemplating using OnePlus Never Settle insurance:
  • There are many built-in service limitations for customers, such as where you can seek service. OnePlus care benefits are only available for use in OnePlus Exclusive Service centers.
  • There are no pickup or delivery services available for OnePlus customers. Therefore you need to take your device to the nearest OnePlus Exclusive Service center to enjoy the benefits.
  • More plans are available for certain OnePlus phone models, so make sure you research your model to make sure there are some additional coverages above the minimum. You can buy additional plans for comprehensive protection in the range of $139-189 per year with a $99 access fee. You can also simply extend your one-year limited manufacturer's warranty and add on coverage for things like screen replacements for various fees.
There are some benefits to selecting a Never Settle OnePlus Customer Care insurance plan, but is it the best option?

Third-Party Smartphone Insurance Plans Often Offer You Better Protection at Lower Prices

Companies like Upsie want to help smartphone users like you get the most value out of your smartphone. Like so many hardworking people, you may not be able to afford a smartphone replacement out of pocket if something goes wrong. And it's often prohibitively expensive to pay for the repairs out-of-pocket.
Here are some ways that Upsie takes smartphone subscription warranty plans to the next level and beyond:
  • A 2-year warranty for a OnePlus phone costs just $9.99 per month!
  • The 24/7/365 claim process makes it easy for you to submit your claim and get a response quickly.
  • Spills, drops, and submersions are all part of the plan, so you don't need to check to ensure you've got it all covered.
  • Enjoy the convenience of using a local certified repair facility. Alternately, get free round-trip shipping to the Upsie-certified repair center. They commit to fixing your smartphone within 24 hours from the time they receive it, assuming the parts are in stock.
Upsie has you covered in every way when you choose an Upsie smartphone insurance plan. Contact the Upsie customer service team to learn more about the best protection for your smartphone.

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