Samsung and Olympus Partnership For Phone Cameras

Even though most people call the device in their pocket or purse a phone, they could just as accurately refer to it as a camera. Why? Well it's likely that many smartphone owners use their high-tech devices to take pictures as often as they use them to make phone calls. These days, most phones even offer multiple lenses for portraits, wide angles, and zooming.
In fact, an informal survey on Android Authority found that almost two-thirds of participants rated the camera either a key consideration or the most important factor in their smartphone buying decision. With that in mind, it shouldn't surprise many avid smartphone users to learn that some of the biggest brands in the phone and camera market may pair up. Find out why many industry watchers believe Samsung and Olympus will join together as partners to produce camera phones.

Will there be a Samsung and Olympus Partnership to Produce Phone Cameras?

Apparently, rumors about a Samsung-Olympus partnership date back to 2012. Neither company has confirmed the news; however, TechRadar picked up on several signs that the two brands have already started working together.
For one thing, Samsung nicknamed their latest Exynos chip Olympus. Also, a Twitter tipster posted about talks between the two companies to work together on a new foldable phone. Finally, Olympus representatives expressed an interest in working with phone makers at a recent camera show.
Even if they're not confirmed, the speculation makes sense. Right now, Samsung ranks as the top producer of smartphones in the world. In contrast, the imaging division of Olympus holds quite a few patents for digital camera technology. Nobody outside the two companies can say for sure what the partnership will develop together; however, it's interesting to speculate about the possibilities.

Does Samsung Already Produce the Best Camera Phone?

According to Digital Camera World, Samsung produces today's best camera phone with the Galaxy S21 Ultra. This phone comes with an extra-large display of 6.8 inches, four rear cameras, and two telephoto lenses. Digital Camera World listed the Apple iPhone 12 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G in second and third place. Camera buffs can learn how to compare the Galaxy S21 and S20 phones by a variety of features by reading this earlier post.
In any case, it's obvious that Samsung takes the cameras included in their smartphones very seriously. This adds even more credence to the rumor about a partnership between them and Olympus.
Consumers who plan to upgrade their camera phone soon should do some research to find out which brands and models support the features they plan to rely upon most frequently. While high-end models from Samsung and Apple tend to get high ranks for their built-in cameras, the cheaper Google Pixel 5 offers a decent, simple-to-use camera at a more affordable price. The Pixel 5 doesn't pack the very latest camera innovations, but it's user friendly and reliable.

Who Offers the Best Camera Phone Warranty?

For any smartphone, consider an Upsie smartphone subscription warranty. In addition to the standard level of protection, Upsie covers malfunctioning lenses, mechanical issues, and other camera problems. They even cover accidental damage caused by spilled liquids or drops.
Access to 24-7 customer claims service and the choice of local or mail-in repair options will ensure that phone issues are addressed quickly. If it doesn't make sense to repair, Upsie will even offer a replacement. Take the time to pick out the right camera phone and then make the decision to protect it with an Upsie extended warranty.

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