Samsung Galaxy S22 Models Compared

Samsung fans are in for a treat, with three new Galaxy smartphones now available. But which should you buy? Across the S22 trio, there are significant differences in price, size, camera performance, and more. So, while the 6.1-inch S22 currently starts at under $800, the much larger S22 Ultra is now potentially a $1,600 proposition. With that, it's one of Samsung's most expensive smartphones ever, alongside the likes of the Galaxy Z Fold3.
This article compares the three new Galaxy S22 models side-by-side.

Samsung Galaxy S22, S22 Plus, and S22 Ultra Models

When it comes to the latest Galaxy S22 models from Samsung, it's not a case of pitting them against each other. Instead, it's simply a matter of comparing and contrasting. It's then possible to decide which one best suits an individual or a particular purpose.
Ultimately, the good news is that all three S22 handsets are extremely impressive. Building upon the success of last year's S21 lineup, the in-between-sized S22 Plus immediately stands out. However, there's also lots to like about the more compact standard S22 and the range-topping S22 Ultra.

Galaxy S22

The standard 6.1-inch Samsung Galaxy S22 builds mainly upon the success of the corresponding S21. Although the new option is a fraction smaller than last year's best-selling 6.2-inch S21, Samsung hasn't deviated too far from the popular 2021 model. Still, a few subtle tweaks, like a more impressive primary camera and a new glass back, help set it apart from its predecessor.
It also comes to market with a pre-order price of just $799.99 – the same as its older sibling. With early customers further entitled to a free storage upgrade from 128GB to 256GB, the more spacious option is also, therefore, cheaper than the current S21 in 256GB guise.
Moving forward, Samsung has suggested that the S22's price will increase to $849.99. Upgrading from 128GB to 256GB will also add further to this amount. Accordingly, it's no surprise that the manufacturer looks set to achieve record pre-order figures with its latest model.

Galaxy S22 Plus

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus enjoys all of the benefits of the smaller S22, just in a larger form factor, as its name suggests. With that, the 6.6-inch S22 Plus also gets a bigger battery. That means a 4,500 mAh cell compared to the 3,700 mAh version in the smaller handset.
It's more expensive, of course, at $1,049.99. However, just like the 6.1-inch S22, buyers can pre-order the 6.6-inch S22 Plus with the same $50 discount and a free storage upgrade. That sees even the 256GB S22 Plus priced at under $1,000 for those ordering now, equivalent to a total saving of $100.
Both the Samsung Galaxy S22 and S22 Plus are available in eight colors. That's the standard black, white, green, and pink-gold, plus a further four Samsung exclusive shades in the shape of graphite, cream, sky blue, and violet.

Galaxy S22 Ultra

And last but by no means least, there's the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. The 6.8-inch top-tier S22 model sets itself apart from both the S22 and S22 Plus in numerous areas. The S22 Ultra is also a distinctly different-looking handset, enjoying a more angular design.
Its larger display is also superior in its specification, while buyers can further upgrade the S22 Ultra's RAM to 12GB from the standard 8GB offered with its stablemates. In addition, those opting for higher memory can also choose between two further storage upgrades of 512GB and 1TB – neither of which is available on the other two handsets in the lineup.
Beyond that, the S22 Ultra gets the same Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor and 5G connectivity standard across all S22 models. And while most aspects of its picture-taking abilities are identical to the S22 and S22 Plus, the S22 Ultra does get an upgraded 108MP main camera sensor.
The flagship phone's unique appearance and large size, of course, make it immediately distinguishable from the rest of the range above all else. However, those keen to be seen with the top-of-the-line model must be ready to splash out. Pre-order incentives are, again, available.
Taking those off of the table, though, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra will set buyers back just a penny under $1,300 in its most affordable specification. Max out the RAM and storage, and that price increases to almost $1,600.
One thing that the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra lacks, too, is the wide pick of colors offered with the two cheaper handsets. Instead, S22 Ultra buyers get a choice of black, white, green, and burgundy only.

And the Winner Is...

While it's not a competition by any means, the S22 Plus is the stand-out choice. Big enough but not bulky, it'll appeal to those who want a slightly larger handset than the standard S22.
At the same time, for those looking for a smaller smartphone amid a sea of much bigger options, the S22 itself is a perfect and largely affordable choice. Alternatively, the S22 Ultra represents the complete opposite. It's a top-tier smartphone that's hugely impressive, albeit at a high cost.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Warranties

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