Learn a Few Tips to Save Money on the Galaxy S21

The announcements for the new Samsung Galaxy S21 are making the rounds, and excitement is stirring among the company's flagship smartphone faithful. The official release date for the S21 is January 14, 2021, and many wonder what to expect.
Are you planning to buy a new Galaxy S21? You might want to learn more about the cost, specifications, how you can save money, and the best extended warranty to keep your investment safe for years to come.

The Basics You Need to Know About the New Samsung Galaxy S21

Naturally, the S21 follows the popular S20 and a long line of high-quality smartphones from Samsung's Galaxy line. According to MSN, one of the key features available about the release includes having a vertical rear camera module, suggesting that a primary focus for new and future Samsung phones will be on cameras.
Here are some additional details you need to know about this exciting release.

The Galaxy S21 Features Three Smartphones

There are three versions of the S21: the Galaxy S21, the Galaxy S21 Plus, and the Galaxy S21 Ultra. Experts anticipate that each of the three smartphones will come with a punch-hole display and a 120Hz refresh rate that Samsung refers to as Infinity-O. Some expect the S21 and S21 Plus to feature a flat display and that the S21 could be curved.

Each S21 Version Comes with Special Ear Gear

Each smartphone comes with Samsung's Galaxy Buds Pro, a high-end version of the standard earbuds Galaxy has released over the past few years.

The Camera Is a Key Focal Point of the S21 Line of Samsung Smartphones

Perhaps the most anticipated feature of all the S21 phones is the new camera solution, featuring a wraparound design integrated directly into the corner of the phone. Many worry about the risk to the camera's integrity and survivability in case of a drop, but apparently, there is a seam along the phone's edge, indicating that the glass itself doesn't actually wrap around the S21's sides. That means there is likely a buffer protecting the camera.
The rear camera for each S21 version consists of a 12MP primary sensor, a 12MP ultra-wide sensor, and a 64MP telephoto sensor that comes with a 3x hybrid zoom component. In the front, there is a 10MP sensor. The camera might also have 8K video capability recording at 30fps.

S21 Smartphones Will Be Powered By the Exynos Chip or Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 SoC

Performance for the S21 line of phones will either be powered by the highly anticipated Exynos 2100 that has already found success in European and Indian markets or the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 SoC, which is more likely for the U.S. market.

Take a Peek at the S21 Display Specifications

Android Authority lets consumers know that S21 and S21 Plus should come with flat panels that sit flush against a metal frame. For the basic S21 model, expect a 6.2-inch Infinity-O Dynamic AMOLED screen. The S21 Plus should extend to 6.7-inches, but both lower-end models are set to have identical pixelation at 2400x1080 and a 120Hz display refresh rate. Corning pitches in to protect the panels with its seventh-generation Gorilla Glass Victus, which was previously used with the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

What Are the Cost Breakdowns for the Samsung Galaxy S21 Models?

Prices for the S21 are $799.99 for the S21, $999.99 for the S21+, and $1,199.99 for the S21 Ultra. The reasons for this relatively low price might be inspired by a combination of the pandemic and stiff competition against Apple. Either way, loyal Samsung customers win big at this price point.

Is There a Way to Save Money on a New Galaxy S21?

No matter how good the initial retail price, smart shoppers will always search for a bargain. If you want to whittle the price down even lower, you have some options.
One way to unlock savings is to reserve any of the three versions of your Galaxy S21 smartphone in advance. When you do so, you receive an instant extra $50 in store credit for Samsung accessories. Additionally, when you directly shop in the Samsung app store, you can earn $10 in credit toward your S21 smartphone.
Samsung also offers a competitive trade-in program that gives you a credit for the gear you are replacing. For example, an iPhone 11 Pro trade-in is worth $400 off on a new Galaxy device.

Investing In a Powerful Extended Warranty Offers Long-Term Savings and Peace of Mind for Your Galaxy S21

Buying a high-caliber subscription warranty from Upsie saves you money in the long run. An Upsie smartphones warranty costs just $9.99 per month with a $0 deductible for cracked screen repairs and a $109 deductible for other repairs. It includes accident protection, which means you can fully enjoy your phone without worrying about drops or spills that Samsung’s manufacturer warranty will not cover.
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Updated 3/31/2022

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