Top Insurance or Warranty Plan for Samsung Galaxy Phones

Often considered one of the best smartphone brands in the mobile phone market worldwide, Samsung delivers with its top offerings. Samsung has continued refining its originally released 2009 Samsung Galaxy smartphone to please customers. It is only likely to continue to meet its loyal, prospective customers needs as technology continually and rapidly evolves.
Regardless of the quality of any of the Samsung Galaxy mobile phones, there are sometimes manufacturer's shortcomings or accidents that you might experience. No one wants to pay out-of-pocket for an issue with a product, so it is essential to learn as much as possible about Samsung's limited manufacturer's warranty and the best extended warranties and insurance plans from Upsie.

Why Do You Need to Search for the Best Insurance and Warranty Plan for Your Samsung Smartphone?

Most of us use our smartphone each day, juggling it while standing in line for coffee or rifling through a crowded purse. There is always a possibility of it slipping out of hand or bag. But then it falls, lands on a hard surface, and the screen shatters. Yikes! Even if your phone still works perfectly and you can see well enough to remain productive, the spider web-cracked screen mocks you. You decide to search for your Samsung limited warranty policy information and find it is riddled with restrictions and clauses that puts the financial burden of accidents on you.

Details You Need to Know About the Samsung Galaxy Limited Manufacturer's Warranty

Before you go headlong into placing your full trust in your manufacturer's warranty, it is important to learn the specifics of some of those limitations. Here are a few:
  • Accidental damage and normal wear and tear are not covered.
  • Customers can only obtain warranty service from a Samsung authorized service center.
  • Product returns must be made to an authorized phone service center in the right container for shipping.
  • Customers need to pay all parts, labor and shipping charges for the product if Samsung determines the issue does not fall under its coverage plan.
  • The warranty period is valid for one year in total.
  • The warranty covers in-the-box accessories for one year in total.

Is an Extended Warranty Worth It?

If that unfortunate moment occurs when you bump elbows with a stranger on the train and your smartphone sails to the ground, you want to know that you can repair or replace your phone as quickly and inexpensively as possible. The first question you ask yourself is whether you purchased an insurance or extended warranty care plan. Given the intricate internal workings and relatively fragile build of a smartphone, having a backup plan to repair your phone is crucial. This is true even if you have a screen protector. Most of us don't have the money to keep buying new mobile phones or repairing broken screens, and we don't want to try to fight with a damaged device.
Since Samsung Galaxy smartphones can easily run into the $1,000-$2,000 range today, Consumer Reports recently concluded that most smartphone customers should protect their smartphones and their wallets by further investing in a high-quality insurance plan or extended warranty.

What Type of Extended Warranty or Insurance Plan Do You Need for Your Samsung Mobile Phone?

Regardless of what you spend on your smartphone, an accident that damages its appearance or performance is a disappointment. However, it could impact critical communications with your employer or loved ones who live far away. For whatever reason specific to you, you probably can't afford to live without your smartphone. So you need fast, effective and affordable repair or replacement of your device if anything should happen.
Here are some considerations for you to keep in mind when searching for an extended warranty or insurance plan:
  • A company like Upsie that wants to simplify smartphone repair for its valued customers.
  • Coverage for cracked screens, liquid damage and battery, power, touchscreen, audio, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth failure.
  • Local and ship-it-in repair options.
  • Replacement of device if repair is not feasible.

Upsie Offers You Everything You Need to Protect Your Samsung Galaxy for Its Lifetime

Your smartphone is invaluable to your daily life. If you are like many people today, it is your primary means of communication and productivity, so you want to make sure it is fully functional when you need it. With an Upsie Samsung subscription warranty, you can buy an affordable plan, with great coverage and amazing customer service. You can also buy plans for used or refurbished Samsung Galaxy phones, so make sure to protect your phone and take advantage of stellar coverage that includes accident protection.
Contact the Upsie customer service team to learn how you can get the best insurance plan for your Samsung Galaxy mobile phone!

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