The Best Waterproof Smartphone Cases for 2021

Statista reported on the most common sources of smartphone damage. While most survey respondents said they damaged their phones by dropping them, a substantial portion admitted that accidental water damage caused problems.
Waterproof smartphone cases don't only protect against accidents. Some let people purposefully take phones in the water to use them without fear of damage. Of course, good cases with screen covers should also protect these devices against accidental drops and exposure to dust and other contaminants. But, most of all, they make it possible to feel carefree about taking an expensive smartphone boating, to the beach, or even out in the rain.
An investment in one of the best waterproof cases can help prevent damage and make smartphones more useful.

Top Waterproof Smartphone Cases for 2021

Travel and Leisure said that consumers should understand the differences between the two kinds of waterproof cases:
  • Typical waterproof cases stay on the phone permanently. They help protect smartphones against accidental splashes, dust, and other damaging substances.
  • Another kind of case works more like a dry bag, so they're great for watersports. They typically make it easy to slip the phone in and out and use the phone's features in the water. Most have room for other valuables inside as well.

Joto Universal Waterproof Case: Cheap and Convenient

For only $7, the Joto waterproof bag offers a convenient option for people who want to engage in watersports and already have their phone in a typical case. It's transparent, fits most phones, and also has room to slip in a credit card or other small items. It works with most iPhone or Android phones.

Aquavault Floating Waterproof Case: Great Because It Floats

Similar to the Joto case, the Aquavault case holds most phones and has room to slip in a credit card or other small objects. Even better, it floats to keep phones from plummeting to the bottom of a pool or lake. Priced at about $25, the Aquavault allows full access to the phone's features while in the water.

Vapespoon Waterproof Case: Great for iPhone Users

This permanent case from Vapespoon offers an IP68 rating. That means a third-party organization certified that this case can help an iPhone withstand submersion in water for up to 30 minutes at a depth of six feet. It can also prevent damage to smartphones from drops on hard surfaces from about six feet. Priced at about $20, it also includes transparent covers for the screen and camera lenses.

Eonfine Waterproof Case: A Good Option for Samsung Phones

Consumers can choose from many brands and models of Android phones, so it's hard to suggest one phone for every Android phone user. The Eonfine case offers similar waterproofing and shockproof protection for a Samsung Android phone as the Vapespoon does for iPhones. It also costs about $20.

Should Smartphone Owners Buy a Dry Bag and Case?

The best permanent cases can offer protection against water and drops. On the other hand, they seldom float or have space to fit other items inside. Smartphone users should consider pairing their smartphones with a dry bag when taking their phones to the beach or lake for additional convenience and protection.

What if Waterproof Smartphone Cases and Shockproofing Fail?

Waterproof smartphone cases and dry bags can provide extra assurance for active smartphone users. But, at the same time, they have limits. For comprehensive protection against physical and internal damage, purchase an Upsie subscription warranty.
Upsie customers can rely upon 24-7 claims, robust coverage, accident protection, and the choice between local and mail-in repairs. Plus, Upsie customers have as long as they need to purchase a smartphone extended warranty. This is because Upsie doesn't have an eligibility window for smartphones. You can purchase an Upsie warranty for both new and old phones.
When protected by an Upsie warranty, customers can expect protection from:
  • Drops, scratches, and cracks
  • Liquid damage
  • Manufacturing defects
  • Touch screen failure
  • Issues with audio and speaks
  • Camera failure
  • And more
For better protection and peace of mind, purchase an Upsie warranty for your smartphone today.

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