7 Signs It’s Time to Buy a New Smartphone

All of today’s top smartphones are expensive. As such, upgrading to a new handset can be an investment. Upgrading unnecessarily is rarely a good idea. Still, there always comes a time when an older device simply won’t last much longer.
With that, here’s how you know when it’s time to buy a new smartphone.

#1. Vastly Reduced Battery Life

All batteries degrade over time. Those in smartphones are no different. So, if a phone’s battery is struggling to last a full day, it’s time to look at options to remedy this. A battery replacement is an obvious choice. Yet, for many handsets, this can be expensive.
Weigh up the cost implication, and it may well be that upgrading to a new smartphone makes more sense. Until then, a battery case designed to store a little extra juice or a separate battery pack should help.

#2. Not Enough Storage Space

Newer versions of operating systems, apps, and more continue to take up increasing amounts of storage space. In addition, photos, videos, and other files stored on a smartphone then frequently consume whatever is left. Some phones allow users to upgrade their storage with larger capacity memory cards. However, for iPhones and many other models, this isn’t an option.
In this instance, the only solution is to keep deleting apps and files or upgrade to a replacement with more storage as standard. That said, if it’s predominantly photos and videos that are the problem, simply moving some of these to iCloud, Google Drive, or similar will help in the short term.

#3. Poor Quality Photos

A smartphone’s cameras, lenses, and various other components central to its photo-taking abilities can encounter problems over time. As this happens, picture quality worsens. Badly scratched lenses are one of the worst offenders and will, of course, affect both photos and videos.
At the same time, as newer models continue to boast better camera provisions, pictures taken by older handsets can start to feel substandard by comparison. In either instance, this is another sign that it might be time for a new smartphone.
Replacing scratched, broken, or otherwise damaged lenses may help in the meantime. However, this won’t fix any internal issues and can’t improve a phone’s camera beyond what it was capable of originally.

#4. A Cracked Screen

Countless smartphone owners live with a cracked screen following one or more mishaps. Because a smartphone’s display is so fundamental to how it’s accessed, any degree of damage can seriously impact day-to-day usage and enjoyment. Accordingly, it’s another reason to consider buying a new smartphone.
An Upsie warranty is a great way to safeguard against the same problem in the future. Smartphone warranty plans from Upsie cost include comprehensive protection against broken screens, liquid spills, and more.

#5. Headphones and Other Accessories No Longer Work

While the humble headphone jack is now becoming a thing of the past, for phones that do still have a port, it’s a common point of failure. If connected headphones no longer produce sound or only do so intermittently, carefully cleaning out the connection point may help if there’s dust or lint trapped inside. If not, there’s a good chance that it’s failing.
As this is difficult to replace, a failed headphone jack has long been a sign that it’s time to upgrade. In comparison, most newer smartphones rely on Bluetooth and other means of connecting headphones, too, so it shouldn’t become an issue again in the future either.
Also, consider upgrading if other accessories stop working, rather than replacing them. A new smartphone may have features built-in that alleviate the need for those accessories.

#6. Charging Is a Struggle

If successfully plugging in a smartphone to charge it is a struggle, its charging port could be toast. Rule out a faulty cable first, of course. If that’s not the problem, it’ll be necessary to look at a repair or a replacement. A newer phone with wireless charging obviously wouldn’t face the same issue, which is another good reason to look at an upgrade.

#7. Overall Performance Is an Issue

Few things last forever, including smartphones and other pieces of technology. Eventually, any electronic device will slow down or behave differently as components wear out and fail. When it comes to smartphones, a symptom of this happening is a slower and slower handset. No amount of updates or deleting files will help if a phone’s hardware is failing.
If a phone keeps getting progressively slower and efforts to remedy the matter prove ineffective, it’s probably time to buy a new smartphone.

Save Money When Upgrading Your Smartphone

When the time comes to buy a new smartphone, be sure to check out any available trade-in options. Trading in an old iPhone, for example, is a great way to save money when purchasing a replacement. Similar schemes are also offered by other manufacturers, including Samsung.

Protect Your Smartphone With a Warranty

To keep your new smartphone in the best possible shape, be sure to purchase an extended warranty with accidental damage protection. However, you should skip the unnecessarily expensive policies sold by manufacturers and retailers. Instead, choose Upsie.
Upsie’s smartphone warranties cost up to 70 percent less and cover smartphones from major manufacturers sold in the US, including Apple, Samsung, Google, and OnePlus. In addition, Upsie includes protection against damage caused by drops, spills, and other accidents. However, coverage doesn’t end there. Upsie includes comprehensive coverage in the event of manufacturer defects, mechanical failures, battery issues, and more.

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