What to Know About Discontinued LG Phones

LG surprised a lot of people by announcing the termination of their smartphone business on April 5, 2021. Instead, the company wants a chance to focus on other lines of business that offer them more growth opportunities. These include smart appliances, connected devices, and even robotics.
According to Tom's Guide, LG recently previewed a phone with an expandable display during one of the biggest trade shows of the year. Sadly, the company has since scrapped that interesting development in smartphone design. On the other hand, bargain hunters might still explore the existing stock of LG phones to see if they can find good deals.

Where to Buy LG Phones?

If LG stepped away from the phone business, how can people still buy the brand's smartphones? First of all, LG will continue to make phones to fulfill current contracts. Also, plenty of mobile phone providers still have LG phones in stock.
The company also offers their remaining supply of discontinued phones for sale. They even thoughtfully provided this list of discontinued LG phones for sale, plus information about service providers that still have them.
They also list phones from Cricket Wireless, Google Fi, T-Mobile, Verizon, and others. This information might provide some phone buyers with an opportunity to find a great deal on one of the discontinued models.

Will LG Still Offer Phone Warranties?

Some people may feel reluctant to buy a discontinued phone because of concerns over phone warranties and service. The manufacturer addressed a lot of customer concerns with these answers to frequently asked questions about discontinued LG phones:
  • Yes, the company will still honor their limited warranties and provide service until these warranties end.
  • Replacement parts and service could extend beyond the length of the limited warranty, but that might depend upon service providers and the availability of parts.
  • As with the discontinued phones, shoppers may find limited supplies of accessories. In particular, phone owners could struggle to find cases.
  • The company still plans to offer updates to the operating system for now. They may provide future upgrades too.
  • Users can still download ThinQ apps to use with other LG smart devices, like LG smart TVs.
In short, LG promises to uphold any limited warranties on their purchased phones. However, those with LG limited warranties should consider getting an extended warranty for added protection and assurance.

How to Keep Discontinued LG Phones Protected

Nobody knows how long LG will continue to service discontinued products. However, with the company's assurance that they will honor limited warranties, a good deal might still prompt some people to take a chance on future support and upgrades.
Alternatively, Upsie provides warranty subscriptions for LG smartphones. The benefits of Upsie extended warranties include:
  • Up to five years of extended warranty protection
  • Coverage to repair damage caused by accidents, manufacturing defects, and screen, power, component, or connectivity failures
  • Replacement phones when repairs don’t make sense
Even better, Upsie lets customers choose between certified local service providers or handy mail-in repairs for all approved claims. With the mail-in option, Upsie pays for two-day postage both ways. Even more, Upsie has competitive prices and a low deductible of $0 for cracked screen repairs and $109 for other repairs.
Besides discontinued LG smartphones, Upsie also offers protection plans for other brands, a variety of electronics, and even appliances. Shop around to find the best deals and then protect it with an Upsie extended warranty.

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