Compare New Amazfit Smartwatches: GTR 3 Versus GTS 3

Amazfit recently released three new smartwatches, including the GTS 3 and GTR 3. They are the apparent successors to last year’s GTS 2 and GTR 2. In addition, the company also unveiled a top-line smartwatch called the GTR 3 Pro.
Amazfit has never released a pro version before. According to TechRadar, they also didn’t make the GTS 3 and GTR 3 complete upgrades over prior versions. Instead, they removed such features as speakers, WiFi, and music storage on the base models and only included them with the Pro versions.

Compare the Amazfit GTS 3 Vs. GTR 3 vs. GTR 3 Pro

Take a couple of minutes to browse a brief comparison of the latest Amazfit smartwatches.

GTR 3 Pro

The GTR 3 Pro’s aluminum case and 1.45-inch AMOLED display give this smartwatch a high-end appearance. The company says that the 450mAh battery can last as long as 12 days. In addition, this premium model includes a speaker, Bluetooth, 2.3GB of onboard storage, and WiFi.
With a weight of 32 grams, or just about one ounce, the watch also provides users with GPS, Amazon Alexa, notifications, and sleep tracking. That package offers good value for a list price of $229.


Amazfit says the GTR3 can last as long as 21 days on one charge. The GTR 3 costs $179.99 and has a 1.39-inch AMOLED screen, a weight of 32 grams, a biometric sensor, hundreds of sports modes, sleep tracking, and GPS.


Think of the GTS 3 as a smaller and scaled-down version of the GRT 3. Amazfit advertises a maximum battery life of 12 days, but the GTS 3 only weighs 24.4 ounces, and it retails for the same price as the GTR 3. The GTS 3 is a great choice for those looking for a high-functioning watch that adds little weight to their daily activities.

Who Should Buy the New Amazfit Watches?

The lack of WiFi and storage on the base versions of the new Amazfit watches might disappoint some comparison shoppers. On the other hand, some more expensive smartwatches not only lack these features but don’t even have GPS. Overall, the manufacturer offered a generous array of features for the price.
An Amazfit GTR 3 or GTS 3 should satisfy consumers who hope to enjoy premium features for less than $200. On the other hand, the GTR 3 Pro brings a lot more to the table for just a little over $200.
Also, these watches offer water resistance down to 50 meters, so they’re OK to take in the pool or wear in the shower. Professional or serious amateur athletes might choose a more expensive and feature-rich fitness watch. For instance, browse this list of top swimming and diving watches.
Consider the Amazfit Stratos for a cheaper watch more dedicated to swimming, and it costs about $130. In contrast, the Garmin Descent Mk2i costs about $1,500 but delivers all the right features for divers.

Do Amazfit Smartwatches Need Extended Warranties?

Most people buy smartwatches like the Amazfit GTS 3, GTR 3, and GTR 3 Pro to take advantage of their health and fitness benefits. Athletes take their watches with them as they run, cycle, hike, and swim. However, even durable watches may succumb to accidents, wear, and unfavorable environments. To protect your new smartwatch, purchase an extended warranty from Upsie.
Upsie offers surprisingly affordable smartwatch extended warranties that cost up to 70 percent less than warranties from other providers. These warranties cover damage to screens, internal components, or connectivity. Upsie also protects smartwatches from accidental damage such as drops, cracks, and liquid spills.
Upsie offers premium protection and valuable customer service. In addition to smartwatches, Upsie also offers warranties for smartphones, tablets, computers, and more.

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