What to Expect From the Amazon Halo View

Amazon already markets many kinds of electronics under their brand, and popular examples include Echo intelligent home assistants, Fire tablets, and Kindle eReaders. As a result, no one should feel very surprised to see that Amazon has entered the hot wearables market with a fitness tracker called Amazon Halo.
After all, Statista predicted global spending on wearables would increase by over $10 billion by next year. However, Amazon Halo hasn’t attracted as much attention as the company’s hottest electronics, but that situation may change soon.

What to Expect From Amazon’s New Wearable: Amazon Halo View

Amazon debuted the Amazon Halo last year. This year, the company launched the Amazon Halo View, and this one includes a screen. The color AMOLED display makes this wearable positioned well to compete with established fitness tracker brands.

Price and Value

Even more, Amazon plans to offer their new fitness bands for $79.99, making the Halo View an affordable option. Tom’s Guide predicted that the company would begin shipping these wearables in plenty of time for holiday shoppers. They come in a variety of colors, plus Amazon will offer optional bands.
Amazon will also include one-year memberships for a pair of subscription programs they’re launching at the same time:
  • Halo Fitness: Comparable to Apple Fitness+, this service offers a variety of workouts, many led by well-known fitness coaches. An overlay will display heart rate and other metrics.
  • Halo Nutrition: Among other features, this plan includes meal plans, recipes, and a handy connection from an in-app grocery list to Amazon retailers.

Amazon Halo View Features

This list highlights essential features:
  • Amazon claimed the fitness tracker could last for a week between charges. The company also says the wearable takes 90 minutes to charge fully. The battery life and charging time make the Halo View competitive with similar products from other brands.
  • Optical sensors track blood oxygen and heart rate, skin temperature, and pace.
  • Amazon did not include GPS, but they did make the Halo View swim-proof. According to the company, users should never expose the charging clip to water.
Amazon Halo has many features that might attract those interested in a well-round yet affordable smartwatch. Buyers can also pair the watch with different colored and customizable straps from Amazon.

Does the Halo View Offer Good Value?

Amazon did not position this affordably priced wearable as a high-end smartwatch. However, it offers plenty of features for the price, and the free memberships can make it more useful and a better deal.
As a result, the Halo View should attract many customers who want to buy an entry-level fitness tracker, primarily if they have already invested in other parts of the Amazon ecosystem. On the other hand, the Fitbit Inspire2 costs just $99.99 and includes onboard GPS.

Is Amazon’s Halo View Warranty Good?

Amazon includes an Amazon Halo View limited warranty with each purchase. Like almost every other limited warranty for a wearable, it lasts for one year and covers defects during everyday use.
However, limited warranties fail to provide comprehensive and long-lasting coverage. For instance, if the charging clip gets splashed on at the pool, the customer will need to replace or repair it. The purchaser also must pay to repair or replace the item after the one-year warranty ends. For better protection, pair your smartwatch with an Upsie extended warranty.
The mobility of wearables makes them vulnerable to hazards like drops, broken screens, or connectivity problems. An Upsie Amazon Halo View warranty will offer broad coverage for a length of two or three years.
Even better, Upsie offers its customers a choice between mail-in and local repairs. Plus customers can call a live claims representative 24 hours a day and seven days a week. In addition, Upsie’s warranties cost up to 70 percent less than warranties from competitors.
For the best protection and the best price, choose Upsie.

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