Apple Watch Series 7: Latest Rumors

For Apple fans, the approaching fall means one thing: new product announcements! A new Apple Watch is a near guarantee for this coming fall, and the rumors are starting to roll in. Here’s what to expect about Apple Watch Series 7.

Form Factor: A New, Flatter Design?

The Apple Watch has added new features and functionality over the years, but the basic design language hasn’t changed much. If rumors are to be believed, the Series 7 will change the basic design. Numerous analysts and leakers point to a much flatter design similar to the iPhone 12 and recent iPads.
Another potential upgrade in this new form factor: thinner bezels, which translates into more display surface.
Expect the new Apple Watch to continue to have rounded corners and a slight roll-off at the display edge. But the sides of the watch body are likely to be flat, with a flatter overall aesthetic.

Will Old Watch Bands Fit the New Apple Watch Series 7?

With a new body design comes the possibility of re-engineering the band attachment mechanism on the Apple Watch. Will your old watch bands fit, or will Apple Watch Series 7 require all new bands?
The short answer is that no one knows for sure quite yet. Apple would certainly alienate some customers by making all existing bands obsolete, leading the company to keep the mechanism the same. But this is Apple, after all, and the company isn’t afraid to make necessary bold choices.

Upgraded (and Smaller) S7 Processor

It wouldn’t be a new Apple Watch without a brand-new, much more powerful processor. This year’s processor, tentatively named the S7, looks to increase its power output while decreasing its footprint. MacRumors reports that Apple will use a double-sided System in Package technology to produce S7 chips that are much smaller.
What will Apple do with the extra space? It’s too early to tell for sure. Maybe they’re making room for new health sensors (see below), or perhaps the extra space will allow for a larger battery.

New Glucose Monitoring Tech?

Another rumor is that Apple will be implanting a new health-related feature that could be truly game-changing for many users: a non-invasive blood glucose monitoring solution. The company already holds multiple patents related to blood glucose monitoring, so the question is whether the technology is ready for commercial use.
Apple’s solution looks to measure blood glucose levels through the skin without the need for an implant. If Apple can get this right, Apple Watch will become ubiquitous among those with diabetes and other glucose-related health conditions.
Some rumors suggest that this new tech will be ready for this year’s watches, while other sources push the timetable out one or more years.

Larger Battery?

For a smartwatch, Apple Watch’s battery life is OK but not great. Some fitness-oriented rivals like the Fitbit Versa line last much longer. So if Apple can increase battery life thanks to the extra space from the smaller processor, it may well do so.
If the Apple Watch Series 7 ships without any new health sensors, it’s a pretty safe assumption that Apple will fill up that additional space with a larger battery. It may not be enough to reach multi-day battery life, but every little bit helps.

Release Date for the Apple Watch Series 7

Apple hasn’t announced the Apple Watch Series 7 yet, let alone given a concrete release date. But there’s a good likelihood the new watch will arrive in the same general time frame as the iPhone 13 and AirPods 3. Apple is likely to hold an event in September, where they will announce all three of these products.
Whether the various devices will be available immediately or on a staggered timetable after the announcement event is still to be determined.
Apple has pretty consistently iterated its watches yearly and almost always in September. So this rumor seems like a pretty sure bet.

New Green Color?

One prominent Apple leaker thinks there will be a new light green color that aligns with the green AirPods Max. There will doubtless be a slew of other colors and finishes available, but it’s too soon to know what these will be.

What About the Chip Shortage?

The global semiconductor shortage continues to affect tech companies of all sizes, including Apple. Will the chip shortage cause shortages or delays for Apple Watch Series 7? It’s certainly a possibility, but Apple has not suggested any issues along these lines.

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