9 Great Apps For Your New Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is beginning to hit its stride as the go-to wearable device. While it’s taken a few years to perfect its design, the integration and cooperation with the iPhone have always been top-notch.
Now software and app developers are beginning to make the most out of the Apple Watch. Exciting Apple Watch apps can do everything from keeping track of your daily tasks to providing the best directions from point A to point B. You can optimize every aspect of day-to-day life if you download the right apps. The following are among the best of the best.


There are dozens of different podcast apps available for the Apple Watch, but Overcast is our favorite. With a number of helpful features, such as volume normalizing, dead air elimination, and the ability to create playlists. Overcast packs a ton of options into a small package. Forget your iPhone at home? No problem: Overcast can play audio directly from the Apple Watch.

Coloring Watch

You’ve perfected the art of zoning out and killing time on your smartphone. Accordingly, Coloring Watch is one of the best apps for those who need a way to pass the time. This simple doodling and coloring app encourages you to fill in provided pictures with a litany of different colors. Once finished, you can use each saved creation as a watch face. This may be a bare-bones app, but given the limited functionality of the Apple Watch’s touch screen, that’s perfectly ok.

Apple Fitness Plus

Let’s face it, if you’re an Apple Watch owner, you’ve bought into the ecosystem. So why not maximize the experience with a subscription to Apple Fitness Plus? For $9.99 a month, you can make use of a wide range of fitness classes and videos that you can participate in via your iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV. During these workouts, your Apple Watch will display information such as your heart rate, workout time, and even a leaderboard-style breakdown.


A unique idea turned into an easy-to-use app, Moodistory can be a great tool for boosting your mental health. With this app, you can record your mood at specific times of the day or whenever you want.
Over time, the app will give you a history lesson on when you’re at your best — and when you could use some cheering up. Quirky ideas like these prove that the Apple Watch can do more than just track your workout.


Do you struggle to step away from your Twitter feed? Chirp could be the enabler you so desperately desire. A quick glance at your watch will let you know what’s going on while granting you the ability to retweet, like, or even slide into someone’s DMs.


Fitness fanatics are no stranger to Strava — one of the world’s most popular social fitness ecosystems. The Apple Watch app works in conjunction with your iPhone to give you all the information you desire during your run, swim, or bike ride. For only $5.99 a month, the premium subscription is a terrific value.


Another excellent app for passing the time, Rules! is a simple tile puzzle game with a twist. Each round features a different rule you need to follow. As the rounds go on, each rule changes slightly, requiring you to remember which rules apply to which rounds. This fun concept is sure to get your brain buzzing when you need a mental challenge.

Just Press Record

A fantastic companion to the Just Press Record app on the iPhone, this Apple Watch edition gives you the chance to play, stop, and record audio directly from the watch. This is yet another no-frills app that doesn’t try to do too much — and it’s perfect for the note-to-self user always brainstorming new ideas.


The classic to-do list has never been so gratifying to complete, thanks to the Things app. All of your daily tasks can be organized and viewed directly from the Apple Watch. When paired with the iOS app, this makes for one of the best productivity suites available for your day-to-day life. It’s a bit pricey at $9,99, but don’t let that stop you from downloading. After all, if time is money, Things could save you plenty of both in the long run.

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