Compare the Apple Watch Series 6 Vs. SE Vs. Series 3

This year, Apple offers not one but three distinct models of their famous smartwatches. At first glance, they don’t look all that different. However, it’s important to dig a little deeper to uncover which features make them truly distinct from each other and, of course, which one to buy! Take a minute to compare the Apple Series 6, SE, and Series 3 smartwatches.

Which Apple Watch is Best: Series 6 Vs. SE Vs. Series 3

Compare and contrast some features of the three Apple smartwatches to learn how they differ:
  • Physical appearance: Apple made the Series 3 watch slightly smaller than the other two. Also, the Series 6 and SE weigh about three grams more than the Series 3. Most people will barely notice the difference in size or weight.
  • Display: The smaller display area of the Series 3 has square corners, but the other two have larger displays with rounded corners.
  • Always-on feature: Only the Series 6 offers an always-on feature. This option means wearers don’t have to move the watch to see the display.
  • Colors and bands: The Series 6 coms in new blue and red body color choices, and all bands for the Series 6 and SE would work with the other watch. The Series 3 has fewer options.
  • Performance: The S6 chip can perform around 20% faster than the S5 chip in the Apple SE smartwatch. In turn, the S5 runs about twice as fast as the S3.

Which Apple Smartwatch is Best?

Of course, individual choices might depend upon budget and personal preferences. According to Macworld, the always-on feature and bigger display made the Series 6 their first choice. They said that people who didn’t need the extra feature should feel very satisfied with the SE. The Series 6 had the best chip, but the SE wasn’t very far behind. Macworld reviewers also found new body choices for the Series 6 quite attractive but not enough to justify the extra cost over the SE.
Obviously, the Apple Series 6 offers a premium experience. At the same time, budget-conscious consumers might feel very satisfied with their decision to buy the SE. On the other hand, the Series 3 starts at only about $199. The cheapest SE costs $279, and the Series 6 smartwatches begin at $399. Of course, adding options like designer bands can run up the price considerably. With the most expensive options, an Apple smartwatch can cost as much as $1,400.

Should You Protect Your Apple Smartwatch With an Extended Warranty?

Apple smartwatches provide people with a hands-free way to stay connected, no matter what they’re doing. They’re great for business, fitness, and communication. At the same time, a smartwatch can easily cost as much as a mobile phone or computer, so most buyers want to make certain they protect their investment.
According to Gartner, people will spend over $80 billion on wearable devices this year. That’s why it’s prudent to compare Apple smartwatch warranty options. With a lower price and deductible than either Apple or SquareTrade warranties, Upsie covers an unlimited number of damage incidents up to the retail price originally paid for the phone. This includes both accidental damage, like drops or spills, plus problems with batteries, touchscreens, connectivity, and much more. Additionally, Upsie members can take advantage of 24-7 live customer claims service and a choice of local or mail-in repair options.

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