Everything to Know About the Amazon Halo View

Wearable fitness technology isn’t just for hardcore exercise enthusiasts. People of all lifestyles and activity levels are getting in on the game. The cost of these devices has never been more affordable. Plus, exciting new features make them appealing to a wider range of potential users.
Amazon’s latest fitness tracker, Halo View, is poised to bring wearable tech to the masses, thanks to its amazing price and unique features. Keep reading to learn all about the Halo View and see how it measures up to its rivals.

Amazon Halo View Service

Before getting into the specifics of the Halo View tracker, it’s important to know the basics of Amazon’s Halo program. This health and wellness subscription service costs only $3.99 a month. In addition, it includes useful workout videos and lifestyle guidance.
Halo is not just a collection of standard exercises — rather, Halo focuses on all-around health. Sleep tracking and body composition information are essential, of course, but Halo also analyzes the tone of the user’s voice. Additionally, curated exercise programs and workout videos will keep users motivated and striving for a healthy lifestyle.
Like most fitness tracking devices currently available, the Halo View ties the user into the subscription service paired with it. It’s important to be aware of this caveat when entering the Amazon Halo world.
Amazon’s Halo is a fantastic service that, while mandatory for the Halo View to function at its best, is more than worth the paltry price. Unfortunately, those who wish to drop the Halo service after the included free trial period will be stuck with a bare-bones device that will only track steps, heart rate, and basic sleep timing.

The Amazon Halo View Device

There is no shortage of wearable fitness devices on the market — great news for potential Halo View users. Amazon has created a Greatest Hits version of a fitness band, offering the best and most essential health tracking features.
While the tracker itself isn’t going to revolutionize the health and fitness industry, it’s a great purchase for individuals looking to customize their health journey. As a result, it appeals to those just getting into the world of wearable technology.
Despite the impressive package offered by Amazon, one aspect of Halo View draws the most attention: the price. At just $49, it may take control of the entry-level category and give competitors a run for their money.
The only comparable device currently on the market is the Fitbit Ace 2, which, at $69, is a great deal itself. However, enthusiasts looking for a device that can send emails, listen to music, and get GPS navigation will need to look elsewhere since the Halo View doesn’t have these features.
It will be interesting to see how the Halo View compares in the long run, especially in regards to build quality and long-term dependability. Amazon is already selling several different band styles for those looking to get fashionable with their fitness tech.

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