Take a First Look at the New Moto Watch 100 Smartwatch

Moto has done several things differently than most smartwatch makers with the Moto Watch 100 smartwatch release. For instance:
  • Model numbers don’t often tell consumers much about products. In this case, the Moto Watch 100 costs $100.
  • According to Gizmodo, this Android watch also breaks tradition in another way. It does not run with the Wear OS operating system. Instead, Moto developed a custom OS.
Even though Moto’s manufacturer does things differently and hasn’t developed the brand recognition of Apple and Samsung, this new smartwatch might offer budget-minded folks an economical and sensible alternative to pricier models.

What to Expect From the Moto Watch 100 Smartwatch

Some people might still remember the Moto 360, made by Motorola. According to The Verge, the original company doesn’t produce smartwatches now, and a brand called eBuyNow makes this brand. That information might help explain why the smartwatch doesn’t use Wear OS as its operating system. Plus, the branding might appear disingenuous to loyal Motorola customers.
Even so, this smartwatch offers quite a few positive features for its price. The band features a handy quick-release to make it easy to switch colors, a 1.3-inch display, and such health features as heart rate and blood oxygen monitoring. To top that off, Moto made this smartwatch water-resistant and able to handle considerable pressure.
The Moto Watch OS works with an Android phone app for tracking and notifications, and the company will also release an iOS app later this year. Moto also says that the battery can last as long as two weeks, and it takes about an hour to charge fully. They credit this performance to their unique operating system.

Is it Time to Buy a Moto Watch 100?

Right now, Moto has the smartwatch up for preorders. It should start shipping early in December, so that allows plenty of time for many people to get it for a holiday gift. The Moto Watch 100 should satisfy people who want to purchase a smartwatch with essential features and long battery life and don’t care to pay for lots of extras.
The watchmaker mentioned that their product offers a streamlined experience. It might provide an excellent alternative for first-time smartwatch owners, adolescents, and folks who would not use more advanced features.

Where to Find the Best Moto Watch 100 Warranty

Because people wear watches against their skin, they can also provide health tracking features that smartphones or tablets lack. Smartwatch wearers take their devices with them when they commute, jog, or get caught in the rain. The portability of wearables means they also get subjected to a lot more damage risks, like wear, dust, and the potential for getting dropped or spilled on.
Enjoy worry- and hassle-free protection from an Upsie extended warranty for the Moto Watch 100 smartwatch. Since Upsie sells protection plans directly to customers, they can reduce reliance on intermediaries and pass savings directly to customers.
Not only does Upsie charge less than their competitors, but they also offer such premium services as 24-7 claims by phone and certified local or mail-in repair services. They cover new and qualified used smartwatches purchased within the past 60 days and even allow customers to transfer warranties to new owners. That makes an Upsie smartwatch warranty the perfect complement to a new Moto Watch 100 for people who buy the watch for themselves or want to give it as a gift.

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