3 New Fitbit Models: Which One Is Right for You?

People are frequently searching for new ways to boost their fitness. While fitness trackers have been around for decades in the form of pedometers and GPS watches, fitness watches have come to the grateful masses over the past decade. Lightweight and affordable, consumers have flocked to this method of tracking steps, calories burned, sleep duration and achieving a variety of fitness goals. Fitbit has served as one of the leaders in everyday fitness trackers for several years, and they never stop trying to improve and tailor their products to promote well-being. This year, Fitbit is releasing three new models to help you take even better care of your health.
Learn more about the new Fitbit models and how you can protect your smartwatch with an Upsie extended warranty.

Which New Fitbit Model Is Right for You?

Fitbit continually develops and releases exciting new fitness tracking wearables for those getting started on a fitness journey and those looking to advance their goals. With that in mind, they offer you a wide range of options. Whether you want a simple step counter or a smartwatch, Fitbit can help you. Take a look at the latest offerings from the fitness watch giant.

Fitbit Inspire 2

The Fitbit Inspire 2, priced at $99.95, offers something for everyone. This swim-proof activity tracker is durable and lightweight and features a massive 10-day battery life, so you don’t have to take frequent charging breaks. Compatible with iOS, Android and Windows, this tracker has something for everyone including:
  • Activity tracking for running, hiking and swimming
  • GPS to gauge distance covered with mapping
  • 24/7 heart rate tracking
  • Menstrual health and guided breathing based on heart rate
  • One-year free trial for Fitbit Premium

Fitbit Versa 3

One of the most versatile fitness trackers available, the Fitbit Versa 3 (priced at $229.95)is the one of the company’s newest smartwatch. Use it for fitness and various other ways to increase productivity and activity by creating alarms, setting bedtime reminders and checking the weather. Explore additional ways you can use the Fitbit Versa 3:
  • 24/7 heart rate monitoring to track calorie burn
  • 6+ days of battery life
  • Records walking, swimming and biking workouts with GPS tracking
  • Menstrual health tracking
  • Compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa for quick news and information
  • Reminders to move
  • Guided breathing that are personalized to your heart rate

Fitbit Sense

The Fitbit Sense at $329.95 is an advanced sportwatch from Fitbit that takes fitness tracking to the next level to cover heart health, stress management and skin temperature trends. The price tag is much higher and the battery life lower at 4-6+ days, depending on activities. However, the overall benefits abound when using this fitness device:
  • Tracks bike rides, runs, swims, sleep and all-day activity
  • Free 6-month Fitbit Premium trial
  • Alerts for high and low heart rate levels above and below your resting rate
  • An on-wrist skin temperature sensor helps you know how your temperature varies throughout the day and night
Like all Fitbit models, the Fitbit Sense includes a one-year limited warranty, making it crucial to consider extending your warranty with Upsie.

Fitbit Offers a Limited Warranty for New Products

You want to protect your fitness investment, so it is essential to know the terms of the Fitbit Limited Warranty, which covers the original purchaser of a Fitbit-branded device and accessories for one year from the date of purchase. The warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship under normal consumer use.
Regardless of the Fitbit model and price point you choose, you’ll want to invest in additional coverage. You are probably planning fitness goals that go beyond a year, so you should make sure your fitness tracker stays healthy to go the distance with you.

Upsie Lets You Extend the Life of Your Fitness Tracker for an Amazing Price and Value

At Upsie, we want to help you achieve all your fitness goals for years to come. Upsie offers affordable extended activity tracker warranty plans, whether you buy a new model listed above or an array of other popular brands and models that include:
  • Fitbit Ionic and Inspire
  • Apple Watch 3 and 5
  • Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch

What Can You Expect from an Upsie Extended Warranty?

The prices for warranties vary, but Upsie offers 2 year warranties starting at $13.99 and going up to $46.99, depending on the device. Deductibles are $25 per claim. Upsie prices are significantly lower than big box retailer plans from companies like Best Buy, AppleCare, SquareTrade and Verizon.
You can also purchase your Upsie extended warranty 60 days after the purchase of your fitness tracker or smartwatch, whether new, used or refurbished.
Upsie plans include accidental protection in case you experience a drop, crack, spill or water submersion. Additional coverage includes mechanical, camera, WiFi, touchscreen and power failures.
Upsie works with local, certified repair facilities, such as Genius Bars for Apple watches, for quick service. If there is no certified repair store in your area, ship it to Upsie in a pre-paid box and label that they provide. If your fitness tracker is beyond repair, Upsie will replace it.
You also get an unlimited number of claims up to the value of your device, as long as it falls within the time frame of your warranty. The friendly, human customer service team is available to take your claim 24/7.
Contact Upsie to learn more about extended warranties for the listed products and more to make sure your fitness activity tracker keeps up with you!

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