Compare the Garmin Venu 2 Versus the Venu 2 Plus

Garmin recently announced the Venu 2 Plus smartwatch, and this release followed the debut of Garmin Venu 2 last year. The premium version of the Venu 2 costs a little more and comes with some valuable features. Naturally, people in the market for a Garmin smartwatch want to know if the Plus’ extra features will offer good value. Here’s the difference between the Venu 2 and the Venu 2 Plus.

How Much Do the Venu 2 and Venu 2 Plus Cost?

According to T3, Garmin released the Venu 2 last April and offered this smartwatch directly from their company website for $399. In contrast, the company just started selling the premium Plus version in January 2022 for $449. That makes the price difference $50.

How Do the Venu 2 and Venu 2 Plus Compare to Each Other?

Both of these premium smartwatches offer many of the same features. Examples include an AMOLED display, a Gorilla Glass cover, and a water rating of 5 ATM. The 5 ATM rating means that they can withstand shallow water and low-velocity activities.
Both smartwatches include an Elevate 3 heart monitor. The Venu 2 Plus also inherited the health tracking features of the Venu 2, including sleep tracking and analysis, respiration, and O2 monitoring.
Some highlights of the differences between the two smartwatch options include:
  • Garmin designed the Venu 2 Plus a little smaller than the Venu 2.
  • Primarily, the Venu Plus offers the ability to make or answer phone calls and voice assistant features. This upgrade works with Google Assistant, Siri, and Bixby.
  • The Plus can connect with a smartphone to control smart devices, send text messages, and ask the smart assistant questions.
The Venu 2 Plus has storage space for offline music from compatible streaming services, like Deezer and Spotify. In addition, the external speaker on the smartwatch can play music without pairing with Bluetooth headphones.
However, expect the additional features to consume batteries a little faster. Even so, the Venu 2 Plus can typically run nine days on a charge, compared to about 11 days for the Venu 2.

Is the Garmin Venu 2 Plus Worth an Extra $50?

Many people compare Garmin watches to fitness trackers rather than proper smartwatches. According to The Verge, the Garmin Venu 2 Plus offers features that move it solidly into the class of a smartwatch. The somewhat smaller size, connectivity to smart assistants, voice controls, and ability to make phone calls appear to offer plenty of value for $50 more.

The Best Garmin Venu Warranty Protection Options

Garmin discourages consumers from attempting to repair their watches. According to the Garmin website, the devices require special skills and expensive equipment to diagnose and fix properly. After the one-year limited warranty on Garmin products ends, the owner must pay repair bills.
Even during the initial contract, the warranty excludes everything but problems that stem from defects. Thus, prudent consumers should consider an extended warranty to properly protect their premium device.
Luckily, Upsie offers an affordable, convenient warranty protection plan for Garmin smartwatches. Upsie includes protection from defects, accidents, wear, and more. In addition, customers gain access to all-hours access to live claims by phone, as well as local and mail-in repair options. Best of all, Upsie costs up to 70 percent less than warranties sold elsewhere.
Customers can purchase an Upsie warranty for smartwatches bought in the last 60 days. Upsie also sells extended warranties for various smartwatch brands and other kinds of electronics.

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