The Incus Nova Fitness Tracker for Swimmers

Fitness-minded consumers have become increasingly fascinated with buying and wearing smartwatches and other wearable technologies for the past few decades. Fitness trackers are just about everywhere you look on people, from the young population to senior citizens. According to Mind Body, 30% of U.S. consumers own a fitness band or some wearable technology. Even better, 44% of those people use their sports and fitness gadgets daily.
The issue most consumers face is deciding what smartwatch to buy in an ever-increasing market. Everyone is trying to determine what sets a brand and its latest offering apart from the pack. If you’re searching for a fitness watch, you might appreciate the Incus Nova Fitness Tracker and a healthy extended fitness watch warranty.

Why Explore Buying a Fitness Tracker?

If you want to buy a fitness tracker, you might not know whether it is the right choice or investment for you. As a careful consumer, it makes sense to explore the reasons to make this purchase that might lie outside your typical spending habits.
Consumers invest in fitness trackers for various reasons including to:
  • Count steps to increase basic daily movement
  • Track your daily workouts for improvement or to train for an event
  • Monitor your health for your own benefit or at the request of your medical professional
Regardless of your reasoning, a quality piece of wearable technology has the power help improve your health and well-being. That is worth a lot in a time filled with an abundance of unhealthy food choices, conveniences that contribute to lack of movement, and work stress that is challenging to overcome without basic healthy practices like exercise and nutrition.

The Incus Nova Fitness Tracker Sets Itself Apart In a Few Key Ways

The Incus Nova fitness monitor joins the crowded wearable technology field to offer you new options to work toward better health. This is especially true for those of you who enjoy water-related activities like swimming. If you are a lifelong swimmer, or want to explore water aerobics as a path toward a healthier lifestyle, the Incus Nova Fitness Tracker has everything you need.
According to Luxurious Magazine, the Incus Nova was designed to help swimmers and triathletes improve their technique with detailed swim metrics.
Obviously, when spending so much time in the water, athletes need special fitness trackers to help do their best in training and competition. While other fitness trackers can support swimming-related activities to a certain degree, Incus Nova takes things a stroke or two further. It attempts to ensure you learn something new during each swim training session. Even better, the company is also working on tightening up their running analytics, so you can do all your training activities with one device.
Let’s explore the Incus Nova Fitness Tracker a little more.

What Is the Incus Nova Fitness Tracker?

The Incus Nova was specifically designed for triathletes searching for ways to track their swimming workouts. This revolutionary fitness watch is actually worn at the top of your spine to track a different range of motion. It focuses on your arms and upper body instead hip and lower body movement, like most fitness trackers.

What Does the Incus Nova Offer In Terms of Data, Features, and Specifications?

Since you don’t train solely for time with running or cycling, you don’t want to leave anything to chance with the swimming portion of a triathlete event. Here are some data points, features, and specifications your Incus Nova Fitness Tracker provides to improve your swimming performance:
  • Swim distance, average pace, and split times
  • Body roll and stroke rate
  • Left-right stroke analysis
  • True pacing and cadence
  • Swim economy
  • 30 hours of battery life
  • Specially designed vest to attach to your Incus Nova tracker
Besides these basic benefits, you’ll also find regularly available tips and tricks from professional swimming athletes. Take advantage of them to up your swimming performance several levels in record time.

Incus Nova Keeps Refining Their Tracker to Help You Do Your Best

While these features and data points are great additions to the triathlete’s training kit, Incus Nova continues to refine the technology, improve on the existing features, and strive to add more.

Protect Your Incus Nova Fitness Tracker

While Upsie cannot warranty the Incus Nova Fitness Tracker at this time, they do offer the best extended smartwatch warranty for more traditional smartwatches and fitness trackers. With an Upsie protection plan, you can feel confident every time you put your watch on knowing that it’s protected from:
  • Drops
  • Spills or other liquid damage
  • Mechanical failure
  • Power failure
  • And more
Contact the Upsie customer service team to learn more about coverage for your new fitness tracker.

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