Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 versus 3 Smartwatch Comparison

Summer is a great time to launch an exciting new wearable, and Samsung knows it! Everyone is ready to get out for quick jogs, long training runs, or serious bicycle tours, and they want to track their progress for all activities.
On the heels of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 release a few years ago, the tech giant has recently announced the next iteration of this increasingly popular smartwatch. Read on to learn more about the Galaxy Watch 4 and how it measures up to Galaxy Watch 3. Plus learn how you can protect your wearable with an extended smartwatch warranty from a trusted electronics insurance company.

The Early Details on the Galaxy Watch 4

According to TechRadar, the Galaxy 4 Watch industry insiders are anticipating it will be released as the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. There is some confusion, which Samsung probably hadn’t intended when switching up the names. It seems that the Galaxy 4 Watch everyone was expecting is being released under the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, and the Galaxy Watch Active 4 will launch under the name Galaxy Watch 4.
If you’re looking for the flagship line and follow-up to the Galaxy Watch 3, the Classic is the one to look out for. Touted as Samsung’s next premier, stylish smartwatch, you might want to keep reading to learn more if you’re considering a new wearable.

When Can You Buy the New Galaxy Watch 4?

The only hint that Samsung has provided about the release date for their latest flagship watch is that you can find it sometime this summer, which of course, could mean July, August, or September. If you’re going by the last watch release date of August 2020, you might be safe in getting your hopes up and ears on alert around that time.

What Is the Galaxy Watch 4 Design?

AndroidAuthority notes that this sleek watch won’t have a rotating bezel, which was a signature feature of the previous releases in the Galaxy Watch series. According to the early renderings, it appears that the Galaxy Watch 4 will come in two sizes:
  • Galaxy Watch 4 (40mm) SM-R880
  • Galaxy Watch 4 (44mm) SM-R890

What Rumored Specs and Features Might You Expect?

Many industry insiders speculate that one of the main new features you might expect with this new release is a blood glucose monitor, which isn’t relevant to everyone. Still, it could be a huge selling point for the right audience.
Here are some of the biggest and best specs and features, good and not so good, you might see in the Galaxy Watch 4:
  • 240mAH battery, which is actually a slight decrease from the Galaxy Watch 3
  • Supports 5W charging
  • Not sold with power adapters
  • The above-referenced blood glucose monitoring featuring a system that uses lasers to detect the chemical composition in the blood
  • A new sensor to monitor body composition called the bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA sensor) that estimates body fat percentage and a broader view of overall health

How Much Will the Galaxy Watch 4 Cost?

Samsung hasn’t released any early pricing figures yet, but you might look at the $399 price tag on the Galaxy Watch 3 and get a good idea. You might expect to pay at least $50-100 more.

Is the Galaxy Watch 4 Worth the Wait, or Is the Galaxy Watch 3 the Way to Go?

Since there are still plenty of unanswered questions about the Galaxy Watch 4, you might want to give the Galaxy Watch 3 a closer look. The issue with the 4th edition is that you might end up waiting until the end of summer. Unfortunately that means you’ll miss out on some great data from your runs, bike rides and more. The fact is, from these early reports, there isn’t much extra in the mix with this new release unless you want to measure your blood glucose levels close to the beginning, end, or during your workouts. If you need to conduct that sort of analysis, you might be able to wait to use a specific monitor at home.
Otherwise, the Galaxy Watch 3 is capable of doing just about everything else for you, and you can buy it right now.
Regardless of which watch you end up buying, make sure you invest in an Upsie extended warranty. Doing so will make sure your smartwatch can keep up with you and all your activities.
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