A Samsung Smartwatch is the Perfect Apple Watch Alternative

Unless people are willing to exchange their phone to fit their new smartwatch, they’ll want to choose a compatible device. In general, Apple makes watches that pair best with their iOS phones, and Samsung has emerged as a leading manufacturer of Android-compatible watches. According to CNET, the Samsung Galaxy line of smartwatches work best paired with Galaxy phones but also function well with almost any Android phone.

How Do Samsung Galaxy Watches Compare to Apple Watches?

New releases of Apple watches always attract plenty of attention. Still, Android users don’t need to suffer from FOMO. Samsung has introduced very competitive Android watches that hold up well in any comparison of features and style to the Apple Watch Series 5.
Both the Apple and Samsung watch have two size choices:
  • Apple: 40 or 44 mm
  • Samsung: 40 or 45 mm
The Apple watch comes with a square face, and the Samsung has a round one. While the Apple has a more futuristic appearance, the Samsung looks more like a traditional watch. The Samsung even has a bezel to access functions, so controlling it doesn’t force users to touch and possibly smear the screen.
As for cost, base models from both companies start out with the same price of $399. This model only supports a Bluetooth phone connection. Upgrades for Apple tend to cost more. As an example, the LTE Galaxy only costs $50 extra, but upgrading the Apple to LTE costs $100 more. Also, the cheapest Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 comes in stainless steel. With Apple, that’s a $300 upgrade over the basic aluminum watch.
Finally, Samsung wins with a somewhat longer battery life. Apple promises a full day of ordinary use, but Samsung says that users can extend the charge on their larger watch to two days and the smaller one to one and one-half days.

How Do the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Fitness Features Compare?

Lots of people invest in smartwatches for their health and fitness features. Apple and Samsung compare pretty well on this score as well.
For basic fitness features, both watches have:
  • Heart-rate tracking
  • Water resistance
  • Built-in GPS
Only the Apple can measure blood oxygen. But Samsung plans to release this feature, which they already have on their smartphones, with a software update. Also, Samsung plans to release a new feature that serves as a running coach. It will provide immediate feedback about pace and running form and also offer a post-run analysis. Right now, the Apple Watch measures pace but more information only comes from third-party apps.
Both watches come with an EKG, but Samsung is still waiting for FDA approval before releasing this feature. They also say features to measure blood pressure and stress levels are still waiting on the FDA.
The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 already comes with sleep tracking features. This will measure both the quality and quantity of sleep. The watch will even offer suggestions to improve sleep. The Apple does come with some sleep-tracking features, but they’re not as robust.

What Other Features Does the Samsung Galaxy Watch Have?

Of course, these watches must be paired with a phone to use many capabilities. According to Upsie’s review of the newest Samsung smartwatch, this pairing allows users to talk, take pictures, listen to music, and much more. Of course, Samsung Galaxy owners can choose between hundreds of apps that they can use to enjoy new functions and customize the way their device works.

How to Protect a New Samsung Smartwatch

In any case, Android Central called the Galaxy Watch 3 a worthy competitor to Apple’s latest smartwatch line, even the just-announced Apple Series 6. Mostly, people will probably choose between these two brands, depending upon the kind of phone they already have. Either way, the watches require a sizable investment, so in order to make certain they get their money’s worth, smartwatch customers should consider an extended warranty.
While Samsung will offer its own extended warranty, many owners find it limiting. In contrast, an Upsie Samsung Galaxy 3 smartwatch insurance will protect owners against all kinds of screen problems, water damage, and battery, power, camera, or headphone jack failure. Warranties even transfer upon selling or giving away the watch.
Upsie doesn’t limit the number of incidents, and getting a claim satisfied is as simple as contacting customer service and getting free 2-day shipping to a certified service center. After repairs, Upsie also sends the phone back for free. Even though Upsie doesn’t limit the number of damage incidents the plan will repair, sometimes repairs aren’t feasible. In this case, Upsie will cheerfully replace the phone.

Get Affordable Smartwatch Insurance

Besides Samsung smartwatches, Upsie also covers different brands of watches and fitness trackers. Just choose the product on the online smartwatch warranty page to get started. There’s no need to feel pressured to buy an extended warranty at checkout because Upsie gives customers up to two months to buy protection.

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