Android Tablet or Google Tablet: Which Should You Buy?

If you’re in the market for a new tablet, and have already decided you don’t want an Apple iPad or an Amazon tablet, there are still a dizzying array of options to wade through. A dozen or more manufacturers are producing Android tablets at every price point imaginable!
On top of that, a common question people ask is whether they should get an Android tablet or a Google tablet. This question doesn’t quite make sense anymore, though — see the next section for the reasons why.
Below, you’ll learn all about the best Android tablets on the market today. And when you’re ready to purchase, don’t forget to add an extended Android tablet warranty from Upsie — it’s the best warranty value you’ll find, making it a no-brainer for Android tablet owners.

Android Tablets Vs. Google Tablets: Google Has Left the Chat

Many prospective buyers start with asking, “Should I buy an Android tablet or a Google tablet?”
But this is the wrong question, and here’s why.
First, Google is both a device manufacturer and an OS developer. They make Pixel phones, Google Home speakers and so forth, and they also make the Android mobile OS. So the term “Google tablet” itself doesn’t have a clear meaning. Does it mean tablets that run Android? Well, those are just called Android tablets. Does it mean tablets that can access Google? That’s all of them.
A Google tablet could mean a piece of first-party hardware: a tablet made and sold directly by Google. But the problem is, Google no longer makes its own tablets. They used to make some Pixel-branded tablets, but Business Insider reports that Google (as a device maker) exited the tablet market in 2019.
While it makes sense that people ask this question, there is no real distinction between Android tablets and Google tablets. If you want a tablet that’s based on Android, you want an Android tablet.

Best Android Tablets for 2021

With that out of the way, below you’ll find some of the top Android tablets from a variety of makers. These are the top recommendations if you’re looking to buy an Android tab in 2021.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 5G: Best (and First) for 5G

Not every tablet user needs or even wants cellular connectivity, but if you do, you want the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 5G. It’s a flagship Samsung tablet with cellular, so expect to pay a premium. (A non-cellular version is available for around $200 cheaper, too).
This is an impressive tablet. With 120Hz refresh rate, a cutting-edge Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Plus chipset and up to 512 GB of built-in storage, there’s a lot here. The redesigned S Pen is included in the box, and it does more, too: use it as a pen, or as a presenter remote control.
It’s also available in two sizes.
  • S7 Tab: 11 inches
  • S7+:Tab 12.4 inches

Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab: Best Mid Range Multimode Tablet

Lenovo’s Yoga devices tend to be very flexible, and that’s the case here. The Yoga Smart Tab has an innovative kickstand that allows you to use the device in several configurations without having to hold it. It’s a tremendously user-friendly device as a result.
The Yoga Smart Tab is more a media, entertainment and smart home device than an all-around powerhouse. Its gorgeous display and JBL stereo speakers attest to that, as does the Google Assistant Ambient Mode.

Lenovo Tab P11 Pro: Best Upper Mid Range Android Tablet

If the kickstand or pen features sound gimmicky to you, you might appreciate the Lenovo Tab P11 Pro. This upper midrange Android tablet has neither—it’s just a slab of tablet goodness. The OLED screen here is beautiful, and the quad speakers pack a surprising punch.
At 11.5 inches, it’s even larger than the Samsung S7. At this price, expect some trade-offs, like a poor camera and less than stellar processing power.

Getting a New Android Tab? Get Protected with Upsie

Picking up a new Android tablet is a great move! Whether you want to increase your productivity, watch more content on the go, or simply game to your heart’s content, any of the Android tablets listed above will help you do just that.
Make sure you don’t put your new Android tablet or Google tablet under unnecessary risk, though. Tablets go everywhere with you, which can lead to a higher likelihood of damage or failure over time. An extended tablet warranty from Upsie is the perfect solution.
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