Lenovo P11 Tablet: an Android Version of a Chromebook

According to CNET, Lenovo had already established its reputation for making some of the best Chromebook 2-in-1 laptops in a very competitive market. The new Lenovo P11 tablet computer is certainly not a Chromebook.
On the other hand, CNET said it was easy to almost picture the P11 as an Android-tablet version of a laptop. With its accessories, it almost does appear to bridge the gap between a tablet and a small, portable laptop.

Why Consider the Lenovo P11 Tablet Computer?

Admittedly, people will probably consider buying a P11 more for entertainment or communication than for work or school. At the same time, users can also purchase an optional keyboard that attaches magnetically to the screen. The keyboard even comes with a trackball. Of course, some users might prefer to work with the optional pen that works great for drawing or taking notes.
In other words, the Lenovo P11 mostly caters to people who want to use their tablet to browse the internet, take pictures and videos, participate in online meetings, or watch streaming content. At the same time, P11 accessories can turn this tablet into a pretty functional productivity device. The tablet also comes with a built-in 8 Megapixel camera that’s great for photos and video.

How Does the Lenovo Tablet Compare to a Chromebook?

Obviously, the Lenovo P11 runs an Android operating system. By definition, a Chromebook uses Chrome OS. Still, both operating systems come from Google and offer many of the same features and apps.
Anybody interested in a good Lenovo Chromebook should read this earlier CNET article to see why they think Lenovo makes some of the best small, 2-1 Chromebooks. Some folks who want a small, lightweight device to carry around might have a hard time deciding between the Chromebook and the P11 tablet.

How to Find the Best Lenovo P11 Warranty

In particular, people who already enjoy using a Chromebook will probably feel satisfied with their experience with a Lenovo P11 tablet computer. In some ways, it’s sort of a mini-version of one. With its optional accessories, this device can also make a good back-to-school tablet.
Of course, by the time people buy the tablet and accessories, they can easily spend as much as they would for a mid-range laptop. That’s why many prudent tablet owners will protect their device with an extended warranty.
A good warranty company offers affordable rates, coverage for common issues and different kinds of damage, and of course, top-quality, convenient service. That’s exactly what extended warranties from Upsie offer.

How to Find the Best Lenovo P11 Warranty

Before signing up for an extended warranty from the store, make sure to compare it to the Upsie Lenovo P11 extended warranty. There’s no need to make a rushed decision because Upsie gives customers up to 60 days after their tablet purchase to get a warranty online.
A comparison of Upsie warranties with other warranty companies will reveal Upsie’s lower rates. Plus, Upsie only charges a $25 deductible for repairs and does not include any surprise extra service fees. For mail-in repairs, they even provide a box with prepaid postage.
Consider these highlights of Upsie tablet warranties:
  • After enrolling, members have access to 24-7, 365-days-a-year claims service through the website or by calling a live representative.
  • Even better, Upsie customers have the flexibility of requesting a prepaid mailer or using local, certified service centers.
  • Also, when repairs won’t make sense, Upsie will offer to replace the tablet.
  • Comprehensive coverage includes drops, spills, cracked screens, connection issues, and many typical problems.
A Lenovo P11 tablet computer can provide years worth of entertainment and productivity, and a sensible and affordable warranty from Upsie will help ensure that it’s protected.

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