Best Back to School Tablets for All Learning Levels and Goals

The release of iPads in 2010 toppled the netbook with greater portability and ever-expanding functionality. According to Business Insider, a huge array of tablets have taken their place in various learning and work environments. From elementary schools to university classrooms, education professionals have come to rely on the value of tablets. They offer information in exciting new ways for today’s tech-savvy students of all ages. Learning facilities around the world have increasingly adopted tablets as vital tools for students working remotely and for those who simply need functionality rivaling a laptop while maintaining the portability of a smartphone. Tablets fit the bill on all counts.
With so many choices, consumers often wonder which tablet is best. Our Upsie team wants to share our favorite back to school tablets to help you make a smart purchasing decision.

What Is the Best Tablet for Schoolwork?

Tablets are the most portable devices that kids can pack into their backpacks daily, featuring a variety of educational uses. Students use their handy devices to stream videos, video conference, write notes, play educational games, work on projects, create presentations, listen to audiobooks and so much more.
TechRadar notes that much of today’s educational software is available as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), including BBC Bitesize and Google Classroom. So students only need a browser to tap into valuable resources.
With multiple necessary functions and various available tablets that fit this criteria, you may wonder which is best for school work. At Upsie, we want to help you find the best and most reliable tablet to help your student thrive.

What Is the Best Tablet for Grade School Students?

If you are ready to supply your grade school student with a tablet, Very Well Family recommends the Samsung Galaxy Kids Tab E Lite. With this option, parents can pick time limits, allow or prohibit access to certain apps, and use the parental control dashboard to monitor all activity. The Kids Tab E has a screen size of 7″ and 8GB of storage capacity. Students will appreciate this lightweight tablet to perform school tasks and have fun in the evening while you feel comfortable with their level and type of usage.

What Is the Best Tablet for High School Students?

High school students will need more versatility, functionality and capabilities than those at the grade school level. The iPad Pro 11 inch ticks all those boxes and offers much more. Featuring a stunning and luxurious display, the iPad Pro also delivers on security, reliability and reputability. This tablet was designed to last for a long time while maintaining its sleek appearance. Additional features to consider include:
  • 11″ Liquid Retina display
  • Up to 10 hours of battery life
  • Face ID for secure authentication and Apple Play
  • 12MP back camera and 7MP TrueDepth front camera
  • Four speaker audio with stereo sound
  • Apple Pencil compatibility

What Is the Best Tablet for Medical School Students?

According to MD Journey, tablets can lighten their daily load of books and other research materials that they need to manage on top of their medical-specific gear. Medical students can study on-the-go or between rounds by simply turning on their handy tablet. They can also participate in virtual study sessions before exams to allow them to quickly go to their next class.
As mentioned above, the iPad Pro 11″, featuring 64GB of storage space, is an undeniably fitting option for medical students.
The Microsoft Surface Pro 6, featuring Intel Core i5 and 128GB of SSD storage space, is another top contender for medical students. Explore a few key features:
  • A laptop, tablet or studio
  • Up to 13.5 hours of battery video playback
  • 8GB RAM memory

Which Tablet Is Best for Online Classes?

With more classes taking place online in 2020, it is important that your tablet will work well for online classes. Once again, a favorite for the classroom is the iPad Pro 11″, along with the Apple iPad 2018 and Microsoft Surface Pro 5.
An honorable mention is the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4, which converts into a laptop with a 10.5″ screen and 2560×1600 pixel resolution. This tablet also features a powerful processor and 4GB of RAM that allows for easy handling of multitasking and intense apps.

Is It Better to Get a Tablet or Laptop for Back to School?

Much of the choice between a laptop and a tablet comes down to how each student wants to use the device. If you or your student prefers typing on a traditional keyboard, a laptop is the better option. If you don’t mind using an on-screen keyboard, or buying a keyboard attachment, you might prefer working on a tablet. For students, it is tough to beat carrying something lightweight that has all the materials needed each day. It is also easier to keep track of a device while keeping it safe, especially when you invest in an Upsie warranty that covers a huge list of top tablets and includes accident protection against drops, bumps, and spills.

Do Hard Cases Provide Any Protection for Tablets?

Any time you can put distance between a tablet and a hard surface, you are adding protection to your device. However, that protection is still rudimentary and will not stand up to major accidents and damages. Screens are particularly susceptible to cracks, scratches and breaks.

Who Has the Best Protection Plans for Tablets?

Manufacturers only offer so much protection for their products, according to the FTC. Smart shoppers often purchase extended warranties. At Upsie, we pick up the warranty coverage where the manufacturer leaves off for today’s top tablets and smartphones for students. Learn more about Upsie tablet warranties on their website, give them a call or reach out to them on Facebook or Twitter.

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