What’s the Best iPad and Tablet Stand to Buy in 2021?

People end up using their iPads and tablets in a variety of ways. They use these slim and portable devices to watch movies, read, access recipes, collect payments, send emails, and modify documents. Tablet users can make their devices even more useful — or at least, more user-friendly — by purchasing a tablet stand to rest them on.

Who Needs a Tablet or iPad Stand?

A tablet stand can offer a hands-free experience. Naturally, a tablet stand offers a place to rest the tablet to make it easy to use accessories like an external mouse or keyboard. In other words, the stand and other accessories can make it possible to utilize a tablet’s versatility. Beyond that, a stand can hold the tablet in the perfect position for video streaming, chatting, and even recording.
Very often, tablet owners think of their devices as extremely versatile. With the right stand, they’ll rely upon them even more. For some folks, a tablet stand might prove to be an accessory they didn’t even know they needed. After tablet users purchase one, they might not understand how they managed without it before.

Top Choices for iPad and Tablet Stands in 2021

As with other decisions about accessories and electronics, the best choice often rests upon intended uses, budgets, and individual tastes. Start comparing tablet stands with this brief summary of some great choices on the market in 2021.

Multi-Angle Portable Stand From AmazonBasics

DigitalTrends ranked this budget-friendly desktop model as their first suggestion for tablet stands. It’s lightweight, only costs $10, and can accommodate various iPads, tablets, and smartphones.

iRest Lap Stand From Rain Design

Developed for iPads, this unique stand rests comfortably on laps for a comfortable experience. By removing cushions on the base, users can also convert this lap stand into a desktop stand. It costs $50.

Height-Adjustable Gooseneck Stand From CTA Digital

Sometimes people want to use their tablet while they pedal a stationary bike, play the cello, or accept payments from customers. This stand rests on a base with a telescoping pole. It starts at $31 and works with iPads and other tablets from seven to 13 inches.

iPads and Tablets Continue to Grow in Popularity

Because they’re so versatile, laptops have continued to grow in popularity. Users like the fact that they combine many of the best features of smartphones and PCs to provide a better solution for some uses. For instance, they’re more portable than laptops but offer larger displays than smartphones.
Apparently, nobody has kept the virtues of tablets a secret. According to Statistica, 1.28 billion people use tablets. Before investing in a tablet stand, users will need to procure a tablet. For some great choices, compare the iPod Pro and Surface Pro 7.

How to Ensure Tablets and iPads Continue to Perform

As these devices get used more, they also grow more vulnerable to damage from the environment, wear and even accidents. By adding an extended warranty from Upsie, iPad and tablet owners will feel more secure in their investment.
Some benefits of an Upsie tablet warranty include:
  • Upsie customers have up to 60 days after purchasing a tablet to get their two- or three-year protection plan.
  • Upsie tablet warranties will cover damage from accidents, early wear, power or screen failures, and much more.
  • With Upsie, customers have their choice of mail-in or local repairs, including the Genius Bar.
  • Upsie offers 24-7 claims service.
  • Upsie’s direct sales model means they charge up to 70 percent less than other well-known competitors.
Tablets provide a convenient and portable alternative to PCs and smartphones.  With so many tablets on the market, shoppers may need time to compare their options and choose the best one. In contrast, it’s simple to register an Upsie warranty and protect your device for years in the future. Let Upsie protect your tablet today.

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