The Best Extended Warranty for the Google Pixel Slate

Google’s first Chrome-OS two-in-one tablet entered the busy market in 2018. Their laptop and tablet hybrid, the Pixel Slate, came on the scene with high aspirations and expectations, but was greeted by mixed reviews from critics. While Google’s intentions were strong and clear, there are some issues for consumers to learn more about and protect themselves from with a robust Upsie extended tablet warranty. Learn more about the Google Pixel Slate to see how you can protect your investment and make it worthwhile.

What Features Does the Google Pixel Slate Offer?

The Google Pixel Slate was designed to provide optimal portability and peak performance, on-demand and personalized entertainment, and everything all-purpose tablet lovers want. Here are some key factors that have attracted fans:
  • Extremely slim and lightweight at 7mm and 1.6lbs
  • 12.3″ molecular display that features 6 million pixels, true to its name, to bring films and videos to vivid life
  • Dual front-aiming speakers for a one-of-a-kind audio experience
  • Ability to control Smart devices and manage Google calendars with built-in Google assistant
  • Long battery life at nearly 10 hours
  • Multitasking tools such as multi-window browsing, split-screen and multiple collaboration applications like Google Docs and Slides give you maximum opportunity for productivity
  • Designed to reduce distraction and night-time eye irritation, allowing you to set your screen to limit blue light and display warmer tones
  • Built-in “Do Not Disturb” feature makes it possible to silence and hide notifications to sleep or focus on other important matters
  • Available keyboard and stylus, sold separately, make it easier to turn your Pixel into a high-functioning tablet/laptop hybrid in comfort, thanks to multiple angles
  • Amazing handwriting recognition lets you merge handwritten notes with files

The Divide Between Expectations and Potential

Serving as the next chapter of Chrome OS after the expensive and, for some, limited Chromebook, the Pixel Slate rang priced between $599 and $999. Google Chrome users were looking forward to working on a system that supported native productivity tools in the Google Workspace. Formerly know as Google Suite, it includes Google Documents, Google Spreadsheets, Google Slides and Google Calendar. All the features held a lot of promise for veteran Chromebook fans and converts. However, the delivery has proved challenging for Google. The tech giant has worked to smooth out wrinkles, but it has not been easy for anyone involved with this release, making a hearty extended warranty essential.
Here are a few of the basic issues consumers and critics have had with Pixel Slate over the past few years:
  • Multiple bugs, including those associated with Bluetooth and various crashing apps
  • No headphone jack included
  • Keyboard and stylus sold separately, and keyboard is cumbersome for some users
  • Stylus-attachment scheme and usage need refinements to make it effective and not clumsy
  • Connecting Android apps remains an issue
Any tablet or laptop has its issues covered by a high-caliber insurance plan, so this is par for the course. But most new buyers wonder which ones pose the most challenges that the Google limited warranty might cover.

What Does the Google Limited Warranty Cover for Pixel Slate Owners?

Google does offer a standard limited warranty to cover its products for one year for new products and 90 days for refurbished devices. This basic warranty covers manufacturer’s defects, and Google has the discretion about their method of repairing your device.

Is There An Extended Warranty That Gives You Peace of Mind as a Pixel Slate Owner?

Upsie offers an extended warranty for your Pixel Slate that lets you fully enjoy your purchase without worry. While there are some issues with the Pixel Slate that Google continues to work on, the hybrid machine has much to offer.
Upsie offers the following options within the price range of Pixel Slate devices:
  • 2-year warranty with accident protection for $103.99 and a $25 deductible for devices costing between $600-$799
  • 3-year warranty with accident protection for $179.99 and a $25 deductible for devices costing between $600-$799

What Does Upsie Cover to Keep You Productive with Your Pixel Slate?

Google is continuously working to correct their manufacturer issues and Upsie can keep you protected against the other stuff including:
  • Various accidents or drops
  • A cracked screen
  • Liquid damage
  • Battery, power, touchscreen and WiFi and Bluetooth failure
If you need more information about coverage for your Pixel Slate, contact Upsie to learn much more!

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