The New iPad Mini 6: Review, Price, and Performance

Apple recently announced several new products. These include the iPhone 13, iPad 10.2, and Apple Watch 7. Even so, TechRadar commented that the release news for the iPad Mini 6 upstaged the rest of the product announcements. Find out what makes this mini tablet so mighty, when it hit retail stores, and how much it costs.

How Expensive is an iPad Mini 6?

The iPad Mini 6 offers a relatively small display for a tablet. However, the price is anything but small. As an example, LTE and 256GB of storage retail for $799. At the other end of the pricing schedule, WiFi and 64GB will cost $499.
Right now, the iPad Mini 5 starts at $399. This previous Upsie blog post speculated that Apple would price the iPad Mini 6 about the same, but it appears somewhat more expensive.
Historically, Apple and other retailers offered discounts on previous models after releasing new versions. Apple and other sellers also sell pre-owned or refurbished iPad Mini 5 tablets. The release of the iPad Mini 6 might herald a great time for budget-minded shoppers to snag a great deal on the model it replaces.

When Did Apple Start Selling the iPad Mini 6?

Apple and a number of retailers opened preorders for the iPad Mini 6 online soon after its release. Then, the manufacturer released these devices for shipment and sale on September 24. Those interested in the iPad Mini 6 can purchase one today and pair it with an extended warranty from Upsie.

Specs for Apple’s Latest Small Tablet

Consider the highlights of the specs for the Apple Mini 6:


With a screen size of 8.3 inches, the Mini 6 falls just between the screen sizes of an iPad 10.2 and an iPhone 13. With a screen resolution of 2266 x 1488, it uses a Liquid Retina display to produce awesome colors under various lighting conditions.


The iPad uses the same A15 Bionic chipset as the iPhone 13. Apple says this will improve CPU speed by 40 percent and GPU speed by 80 percent. Apple also increased RAM from 3GB to 4GM from the Mini 5.
This device charges with USB-C. Apple has not released battery specs but claims the device can last 10 hours on a charge.


Storage options include 64GB and 256GB, but Apple does not provide a way to expand storage. However, with so many options for cloud storage these days, the lack of expandable storage does not look like a major obstacle.

Is the WiFi Plus Cellular Option Worth the Money?

The iPad Mini 6 offers a Wifi-only version and a version that also offers cellular connectivity. Cellular connectivity includes 5G. Is cellular connectivity worth the extra $150?
Consider some pros and cons of choosing the WiFi plus LTE option:
  • Using the cell-based option requires a data plan, and users could simply tether their iPad to their smartphone for the same connectivity if they lacked WiFi.
  • The benefits of the cellular options include not having to drain the phone’s battery or even carry it along. Several messaging apps even allow voice calls, so the tablet can virtually replace a smartphone in a pinch. Most cell providers offer tablet options that don’t cost as much as smartphone plans.

The Best iPad Mini Extended Warranty

Before considering AppleCare+ or another warranty plan from a retailer, look at Upsie extended warranties for the iPad Mini 6. Upsie’s warranties offer a range of benefits, including:
  • Upsie provides 24-7 access to claims representatives and customers can pick from mail-in and certified local repairs, including Apple’s Genius Bar.
  • Their two-year and three-year warranties protect against many sources of accidental damage, wear, and defects.
  • Customers can make unlimited claims up to the purchase price of the device.
  • Upsie offers repairs with a $25 deductible and no hidden fees.
An iPad Mini 6 offers people a very handy and portable device that can replace many of the functions of either a smartphone or a laptop. However, the device is prone to accidents. To better protect your new iPad, purchase an Upsie extended warranty.

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