What to Expect From Amazon Kindle Paperwhite eReaders

Amazon last released a new Kindle Paperwhite in 2019, so the company’s September announcement about an update to their mid-priced eReader generated excitement. The new Paperwhite offered some anticipated enhancements and surprised some reviewers because of the upgrades Amazon left out. Also, the company will release not just one but three versions of the Paperwhite, giving customers even more choices.

What to Expect From the Upcoming Amazon Paperwhite Update

Expect to see the new Paperwhite eReaders ship late in October, according to TechRadar. Amazon increased the price from $129 to $139 since they released the 2019 Paperwhite. The company will also release the Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition for $189. Plus, they plan to offer a bundle called Paperwhite for Kids.

Paperwhite and Paperwhite Signature Edition

This list highlights significant changes from the 2019 Paperwhite:
  • The base-level Paperwhite eReader increased the display from six inches to 6.9 inches. It also upgraded to USB-C charging. More surprising, the Kindle only comes with 8GB of onboard storage.
  • Instead of increasing the Paperwhite’s storage, Amazon added the 32GB Amazon Signature Edition. They also added wireless charging and an auto-adjusting light to this high-end model.
  • Both of these devices connect with WiFi but not LTE. Amazon has not indicated that they intend to add cellular connectivity in the future to the Paperwhite Series.
  • According to CNBC, Amazon announced that the battery could function for up to 10 weeks between charges. That’s an increase from six weeks for the 2019 Paperwhite.
  • An advanced processor should speed up such device features as turning pages.
  • The new models reduced the bezel size on the sides of the screen. Plus, these new Kindles will include a feature that allows users to choose a warm-light feature for more comfortable reading in dark rooms.

Paperwhite for Kids

A Paperwhite for Kids costs $159 and comes with a Paperwhite, a child-friendly cover, and a one-year subscription for content from Amazon Kids Plus. Amazon Kids Plus includes access to Amazon’s vast library, including audiobooks. The service also offers educational tools, incentives for reading, and parental controls.
Typically, this service costs $36 a year for Prime members and $60 a year for non-Prime customers. Any parents who plan to enroll their children in Amazon Kids Plus should consider the value of this bundle.

Does an Amazon Paperwhite Need an Extended Warranty?

Amazon includes a one-year limited warranty with the purchase of any Kindle Paperwhite. This warranty specifically covers the device against defects, and the contract explicitly excludes any issues caused by accidents or other external causes. After the first year ends, the warranty terminates.
In contrast, Upsie offers two-year and three-year extended warranties for Amazon Kindle eReaders. These protection plans cover drops, liquid damage, power surges, connectivity issues, wear, and defects that the limited warranty won’t repair.
Highlights of an Upsie warranty include:
  • Customers can choose between postage-paid mail-in repairs or local repairs.
  • Customers can call a live claims rep 24-7.
  • If Upsie determines covered repairs aren’t feasible, they will offer a replacement device on the first claim.
In addition, Upsie charges up to 70 percent less than their competitors and never charges any hidden fees. Finally, adding an Upsie extended warranty will ensure eReader buyers remain satisfied with their purchase for a long time.

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