How to Buy the Best iPad Mini Tablet Warranty

The size of the iPad Mini puts it between an iPhone and a typical iPad tablet computer. The combination of high resolution and a small display offers even more portability than a full-sized tablet and better visibility than a phone screen.

Why Buy an iPad Mini Tablet?

A CNBC reviewer said the experience of using an iPad Mini felt more like holding a large phone than a regular iPad. That makes the iPad Mini a great choice for comfortably reading, exchanging messages, and casual browsing from a desk, deck chair, or sofa.
Despite the relatively small size, Apple packed the latest iPad Mini with enough processing and display power to rival the best tablets on the market.
The iPad Mini might not replace other devices for every task. For instance, Apple doesn’t offer a compatible keyboard. Still, users can find ways to accomplish many tasks that they might have done before on their laptops or smartphones. Examples include using voice-to-text to compose or edit text and apps to make phone calls over broadband or LTE. Check out this previous Upsie article for a comparison of various iPad tablet computers, including the Mini.

Who Needs a Tablet Extended Warranty?

Apple offers the new iPad Mini 6 for a starting price of $499 for WiFi-only connectivity and 64GB of storage. Adding more storage space and LTE will increase the price. As an example, LTE and 256GB of storage set the tablet to its max price at $899.
According to the Dummies website, some common problems that people experience with tablet computers include:
  • Malfunctioning or cracked touchscreens
  • Battery not charging
  • Light sensor failing to control the brightness
  • Unresponsive power button
  • Overheating
Apple offers an initial iPad Mini warranty to cover defects. Their limited warranty will pay to repair or replace the tablet if the problem shows up before the warranty ends. To have the issue covered, Apple must determine that a defect caused the problem. On the other hand, the company may blame dust, liquid exposure, dropping, or some sort of misuse and refuse to service the device.
In that case, the iPad Mini owners will need to pay for their own repairs or replacements, sometimes costing several hundred dollars. For example, fixing a cracked screen costs about $200

Where to Buy the Best iPad Mini Protection Plan?

Apple users might encounter problems that the initial warranty won’t cover. To remedy this, Apple offers a product called AppleCare+ for extra protection. However, this protection plan is expensive and limits the number of claims to two per year.
In comparison, Upsie charges up to 70 percent less, has a lower deductible, includes accident protection, and doesn’t limit the number of claims.
Upsie customers have up to 60 days to register their protection plans after purchasing a tablet.
With an Upsie iPad Mini warranty, you can expect protection from:
  • Accidents, including drops and spills
  • Manufacturing defects
  • Screen cracks
  • Internal defects
  • And more
Upsie protects your tablets, smartphones, laptops, and other electronic devices from harm. For better protection for a better price, choose Upsie.

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