2022 Hisense U7H: Is This the Best Midtier TV in 2022?

Anyone who wants to buy an affordable TV with an abundance of features might benefit from waiting for the market release of the Hisense U7H. Many reviewers have proclaimed that this model was the best mid-priced TV for 2022.

Why the Hisense U7H Offers a Good Choice for a Mid-Priced TV in 2022

A few highlights of this upcoming Hisense TV include:
  • The U7H offers a good choice for gamers who want an affordable TV to use as a game monitor. The screen includes 4K and 120Hz support for popular gaming consoles, like the PS5 and Xbox.
  • The set also supports Dolby Vision IQ, FilmMaker Mode, FreeSync VRR, and HDR 10 and 10+. The U7H even includes its own ATSC 3.0 tuner.
  • According to PC Magazine, all new Hisense TV will run with Google TV. Google TV works much like the older Android TV interface, but the company has updated and streamlined it to function better.
In 2020, Hisense only commanded about five percent of the market for smart TVs in the United States. However, if this model lives up to its promises, demand for this brand might grow. Besides the U7H, Hisense also plans to release TVs in various price ranges, from budget-friendly to high-end models.

How Much Will the Hisense U7H TV Cost?

Hisense has not announced a retail price for this new TV yet. A 55-inch Hisense U7G from last year’s release costs about $850. If the company prices the U7H similarly, this could stand out as one of the best values for televisions that cost less than $1,000.

Do Hisense TVs Need an Extended Warranty?

Today’s TVs do so much more than broadcast shows. They function as streaming devices, connect to gaming systems, and offer many features of sophisticated computers. Unfortunately, repair costs for these advanced devices can easily amount to hundreds of dollars, sometimes rivaling the original price of the television.
Hisense offers a one-year warranty for their TVs, but it specifically states it will cover damage due to defects. The company will also only provide service if the customer retains not just the original receipt but also the original packaging. The contract lists several exclusions that will void the warranty. After the first year passes, the TV’s owner will need to pay for their repairs, no matter the cause. These terms will undoubtedly discourage many TV owners from seeking warranty repairs.

Why Buy an Upsie Hisense TV Extended Warranty?

An extended warranty for Hisense TVs from Upsie offers more convenient and robust protection. New customers can upload a copy of the receipt when they purchase the warranty, and they don’t have to hang on to that slip of paper either.
Better yet, Upsie gives their customers up to 11 months to register an extended warranty, so customers don’t need to make a rushed choice at the time of purchase. Even more, Upsie sends certified repair technicians to the home when the customer makes a claim.
Upsie’s robust coverage includes everything from screen burn-in to power shorts and connectivity failures to worn buttons. Upsie also offers protection plans for other home theater components, like speakers and receivers. In addition, as long as the set comes with at least a 30-day seller’s warranty, Upsie will even provide a protection plan for a refurbished or pre-owned TV.
Lucky for new owners of Hisense TVs, Upsie provides affordable and convenient protection plans. In addition to Hisense, Upsie also protects other TV brands and many types of electronics.

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