3 Tips to Decorate the Space Around a Big Screen TV

Before everybody had flat screens, people used to embed larger TVs in bulky entertainment centers, cabinets, or built-in shelves. These old-style TVs needed a bulky place to sit because they were large and weighed a lot. The TV’s container provided its own decoration and may not have impacted the look of the surrounding area that much.
Today, most folks either mount their slim TVs on the wall or set them on a TV stand. On its own, the arrangement creates a very minimalist look that most people would describe as too sparse. Consider these tips to decorate and personalize the area around that big, flat rectangle.

1. Right-Size TV Sets

The TV’s size and the amount of space surrounding it will impact the area available for decorating. Before buying a new set, it helps to figure out the optimal size for the screen. Not only will a right-sized set look well proportioned in the room, this also ensures it’s easier to see the display.
According to PC Magazine, today’s TV sets most commonly range from 42 to 75 inches. This figure represents a diagonal measurement from the top corner to the bottom corner on the opposite side.
Multiplying this figure by 1.4 offers a good estimate of the distance people should sit from the set. For instance:
  • A 42-inch set should work fine for a sofa that’s about five feet away.
  • In contrast, a large room with seating up to seven feet away might require a 60-inch set.
Buying a big screen TV takes some extra consideration besides just distance from the set and available space. Resolution, viewing angles, and the type of display can matter too. Learn more about buying the best TV over 60 inches by scanning this Upsie article.

2. Frame the TV With Photos

Outline the rectangular space around a TV set with a collection of family photos or works of art. This tip to decorate adds personality and personalization to the viewing area when the set’s turned off. Black-and-white images complement the black rectangle of most sets very well, though color photos in black frames can work fine too.

3. Buy The Frame Samsung Smart TV

This one doesn’t exactly fall into the “tips to decorate” category so much as the “TV to purchase category.” A 65-inch Samsung The Frame TV costs about $2,000, so it requires an investment. Still, Art Mode for this set can transform the device into one of over 100 licensed, framed artworks when it’s not used as a TV. It sits so close to the wall that few people would pick it out from any other framed painting.
Imagine the surprised look on a visitor’s faces when artwork instantly transforms into a movie, news show, or sports broadcast. Samsung even sells an optional easel to use as a TV stand for people who would prefer not to mount it on their wall. According to Apartment Therapy, Samsung offers The Frame in 55- and 65-inch models.

Why Buy Extended Warranties for Big Screen TV Sets?

Big screen TVs cost several hundred to a few thousand dollars. After investing that much money, nobody wants or needs a large, unexpected repair bill. According to Angi, average TV repairs cost over $200. Screen repairs or replacements may cost as much as $500 or $600.
For less than the cost of one of the average-priced repairs, Upsie customers can enjoy five years of extended warranty protection. An Upsie extended warranty for a TV includes 24-7 claims, in-home repairs, and no extra fees or deductibles. Coverage includes fixing issues with screens, mechanical parts, electronic components, and more.
After choosing the best way to incorporate your new TV into your home’s decor, it only makes sense to protect it with an Upsie extended warranty.

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