GX LG Gallery Design TV Review and Warranty Options

Television sets often take center stage in living rooms. As a result, people purchase entertainment centers and television stands to help their TV mesh perfectly with their homes. However, the GX LG Gallery Design TV presents another option. Instead of sticking out, the TV blends into the wall as seamlessly as a painting.

Why Choose the GX LG Gallery Design TV

LG describes this TV as a “work of art.” Without a doubt, the TV earns this title as it sits flat against the wall — no wires, gaps, or TV stands. As a result, the thin and sleek design provides an immersive experience
All of the TV’s inputs and outputs are on the back, leaving nothing to distract you from what’s on the screen. Because there’s no gap between the TV and the wall, it gives the impression of a picture frame rather than a TV box. Moreover, the GX Gallery TV is impossibly thin, less than 2 cm or 0.78 inches.
The GX has an OLED display with 4K Ultra HD resolution. LG has also ensured that the TV has a response time of less than one millisecond for those interested in using the TV for playing video games. Furthermore, customers can expect the TV to have the following specs:
  • LG ThinkQ AI
  • Built-in Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility
  • Hands-free voice control
  • Refresh rate of 120Hz (Native)
Without a stand, a 65-inch model weighs 65.7 pounds. Customers can also purchase 77-inch and 55-inch models.

How to Install the GX LG Gallery Design TV

LG offers two installation options: the mount raceway installation and the recessed box installation. If you choose to use a recessed box, LG recommends that professionals install the TV. However, you can install the TV on your own using the mount raceway method.
The LG TV comes with a guide paper that you can secure to the wall when installing your TV. The guide paper will show you where to place the bracket, wall mounting screws, and the TV itself. In addition, LG provides its customers with a detailed video installation guide.
If you choose to install the LG Gallery on your own, you will need to follow the directions closely and handle the device with care. The impossibly thin TV is prone to damage, making it essential to protect it while securing it to the mounting bracket.

Other Options from LG

LG offers other options for those interested in OLED TVs. Here are some of their most popular TV options that are readily available from local retailers.
  • CX OLED from LG: This premium TV includes an OLED screen and a wide range of smart features. It also includes audio tuning and has built-in Alexa and Google Assistant support.
  • G1 OLED from LG: This option has a refresh rate of 120 Hz and weighs 63.8 pounds for a 55-inch screen. It is also a Gallery Design TV, with a thickness of only 0.9 inches.
  • BX OLED from LG: This OLED TV weighs only 41.7 pounds and can be used as a gaming TV due to its HDMI 2.1 connectivity.
LG makes finding the perfect TV for your home easier. They offer dozens of viable options, each with smart features and striking screens. However, no matter which TV you choose, it will be vulnerable to damage, making it essential to protect it with an extended warranty.

Protecting Your New Gallery Design TV

The Gallery Design TV is breathtaking once it’s installed. The effortless, picture-frame feel of the device helps it blend into any room as if it were part of a gallery. However, despite the beautiful design, the TV is fragile.
Its fragility makes the TV prone to damage, including manufacturing defects, dead pixels, power supplies, and screen burn-in. Luckily, customers can protect their purchases through Upsie.
Upsie offers premium warranties that cost up to 70 percent less than their competitors. In addition, Upsie doesn’t charge deductibles for claims made on television sets. With an Upsie warranty, your LG TV is protected from:
  • Mechanical failures
  • Manufacturing defects
  • Screen and speaker failure
  • Screen burn-in and dead pixels
Customers can turn down overpriced warranty offers at the store register and, instead, purchase an LG TV warranty from Upsie within 11 months of buying the TV. For the best protection and the best price, choose Upsie.

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