How to Select the Best TV for an Immersive Home Theater

TechRadar credited the increased popularity of home theater systems to several factors. These include bigger TVs, higher resolution, connected services, and better sound formats.
A home theater system might include several components, including players, receivers, and speakers. Still, the focus starts with the big screen used to display movies, shows, and videos. Creating the best setup for home theater should start with choosing the right home theater TV.

Great Choices for Immersive Home Theater TVs

Typical home theater TVs come in 55-, 65-, and sometimes, 75-inch options. Selecting the best size may depend upon the area of the room and seating arrangements. This Upsie article discusses how to select the best TV screen size for any room.
Larger screens will cost more for the same model. TV shoppers who need to stick to a budget should generally choose better resolution over larger screen sizes. With that in mind, consider three fantastic home theater TVs for a variety of budgets.

QN900A Neo QLED 8K TV From Samsung

This future-proof option uses Samsung’s AI and multi-LED technology to reproduce images that may even appear better than their source format. With 120fps at 4K and 60fps at 8K, this set also makes a good choice for gamers. Drawbacks might include the $3,000 price and the current lack of a lot of 8K content.

CX Series OLED TV From LG

Priced at just $1,300, this 4K set offers fantastic picture quality and a slim build. It also includes a high-performance processor and HDMI 2.1. Gamers will appreciate a 120fps refresh rate and Nvidia G-Sync. As with many high-quality TV sets, the audio doesn’t keep up with the image quality.

6-Series 2020 QLED From TCL

Anybody who thinks they can’t afford an immersive TV for home theater should consider the current 6-Series from TCL. These TVs even include mini-LED technology, which used to only come with TV sets that cost thousands more.
Priced at about $900, the 6-Series lacks the brightness of more expensive models and might not offer the best choice for gamers. People who mostly want to enjoy their favorite movies and streaming videos should find that these TCL TVs provide them with good value.

Is the TV Enough for an Immersive Home Theater Experience?

Each year, picture quality appears to improve. Top speakers and soundbars also keep delivering better sound and more features. Business Insider explained the reasons why advances in sound technology never seem to keep up with image quality in TV sets.
For instance:
  • New TVs keep getting slimmer and more compact, so the small space accounts for mediocre sound quality.
  • Also, TV watchers must point the screen in the optimal position for viewing. That might not offer the best positioning for the speakers.
After you select the best TV, compare speakers and soundbars to make the audio comparable to the visual component of a home theater. Speakers and soundbars vary by price and quality, but reasonably good-quality brands will deliver more than TV speakers.

How to Protect TVs and Home Theater Components

When people invest in a high-quality TV and other electronic components, they expect the setup to serve them, their family, and their movie-night guests for years. Nobody wants to deal with expensive repairs or the challenge of finding qualified repair services.
Luckily, Upsie offers affordable TV and home theater protection plans, and they even give their customers up to 11 months to register their purchases. Even better, Upsie keeps their plans affordable and offers local or in-home repairs for larger TVs. With 24-7 claims reps on call, finding certified TV technicians won’t cause any problems either.

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