48-Inch OLED TV Comparison from Sony, LG and More

From the Super Bowl to blockbuster movies, or even games on next-generation video game consoles, everything looks better on an OLED TV. This technology has been around for a while, but until recently, few consumers have found it realistic from a pricing perspective. That has changed, however, with a wide range of new options and more affordable prices.
These days, heavy hitters such as Phillips, LG, Panasonic, and Sony compete for enthusiasts with OLED TVs that are sure to please. Each brand has something to offer in the 48-inch TV category — but it takes a little digging to determine what, exactly, sets them apart.

Philips OLED+935

If there’s a downside to most flat-panels, it’s that the sound quality is lacking. Many consumers choose to purchase a separate soundbar or audio system to make up for the shoddy speakers. While this problem is a bit overstated, it’s completely irrelevant with the Philips OLED+935. This impressive option features an integrated soundbar that’s ingeniously implemented in the base of the set.
There’s a lot to love about this TV. Unfortunately, one giant caveat: the Philips OLED+935 isn’t available for sale in the US. Only Europe and the UK get to bask in its glory as of now. While importing is technically possible, this would require the implementation of voltage converters. With so many excellent options for sale in America, this is simply not worth the hassle.

LG CX Series

One of the most popular sets is the flagship LG 48-inch OLED TV. For some time now, it has drawn rave reviews. With a 120Hz refresh time that’s great for lightning-fast gaming, the CX is ideal to pair with s newer next-generation gaming console. HDR 10 and Dolby Vision are also included. Price represents a clear advantage: with this set often on sale, it’s unlikely shoppers will need to pay the full asking price of $1499.

Sony A9S

Despite lagging behind both Samsung and LG in the television sales race, Sony’s reputation as a high-end device manufacturer is well earned. This is clear when observing the A9S, which boasts a 120Hz refresh rate as well as HDR 10 and Dolby Vision.
What sets this model apart from LG’s very similar option? Acoustic Surface Audio that allows sound to radiate from the entire screen. It’s a slight advantage, but an advantage nonetheless. Further, it’s something that consumers may want to consider if they don’t intend to pair their new television with a soundbar or stereo system. Another key consideration: similar pricing to the LG competition at $1499.

Panasonic JZ980

The Panasonic JZ980 is unfortunately not sold in the US, either. It warrants a spot on this list regardless, though. It’s the only referenced television that can boast HDR10+ compatibility. It also offers the full range of comparable specs that can be found in competitors from Sony, LG, and Philips.
It’s only a matter of time before Panasonic brings a 48-inch set to the US. Some consumers might be willing to wait, too. After all, when one does arrive, it will be a souped-up, newly refreshed version of this favorite from across the pond.

What’s The Verdict?

Given the sad reality that Panasonic and Philips don’t currently offer 48-inch OLED televisions in America, the options are somewhat limited. Despite this, shoppers looking to replace their old LCD panels still can appreciate the two excellent offerings available locally.
The LG set has everything expected from modern OLED at a reasonable price point. But the Sony A9S edges it out thanks to the Acoustic Surface Audio that makes it a better fit in home theaters.

OLED TV Protection From an Upsie Extended Warranty

With so many considerations for selecting an OLED TV, it’s easy for consumers to forget about protecting this major investment. Unfortunately, while these TVs offer exceptional visuals, they remain highly vulnerable to damage. As such, an extended warranty for your TV is non-negotiable.
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