The Best TVs to Watch the March Madness Games

It’s that time of year again that college students and basketball fans across the U.S. treasure. Who doesn’t love the on-court drama from February to late March and early April each year? You’ve probably gone to a friend’s home or a local restaurant to watch the action, especially if you don’t own a big-screen television that captures and delivers it all in vivid color and sharp contrast.
Is this the year you’re going to invest in a big-screen TV so that you can host the March Madness parties? Manufacturers and retailers have been waiting for you, ready to extend sales and other special offers to make it worth your while. No matter what kind of deal you find and take advantage of, remember to protect your March Madness investment with an extended TV and home theater warranty, so you can watch the games this year and for many years to follow.
In any case, you don’t have to break the bank to find a TV that will enhance you and your family’s enjoyment of March Madness and any other entertainment you love.
Let’s take a look at some top big-screen TVs for you to consider and buy in time for the final rounds and tournament championship game.

Sony 75-inch X800G 4K TV

The Sony X800G is a top-selling LED 4K television right now, notes Digital Trends. It consistently beats the LED competition among other 4K Ultra HD screen manufacturers. Additional features you might appreciate include Android TV and Clear Audio+. The price tag isn’t too bad coming in at around $1,100-1,300.

Samsung 55-inch Q60R QLED 4K TV

Samsung has become a leader in high-caliber television viewing over the past decade, and the Q60R is no exception to the trend. This model is reasonably affordable in a competitive market, costing between $899-1,199. The question is whether it has everything you want for your investment? It has unrivaled QLED technology that offers you the unparalleled visual and auditory enhancement that makes you feel like you’re right there at the game.

Hisense 75-inch H6510G Series LD UHD TV

The Hisense H6510G series gives you the chance to go for the big-screen without cashing in your savings. The 75-inch screen alone is enough reason to give this brand and model a shot for your March Madness festivities. Still, it goes on to offer 4K HD resolution and Bluetooth compatibility, allowing you to share content between your TV and other devices. Connect to your mobile phone or tablet to screen capture big moments on the court. Then send them to your alums across the country to share the special moments. The Decider shares the news about Android TV’s inclusion, making it easy to stream any game, anywhere. The $700-1,000 price tag is the real showstopper with this TV giant.

Insignia NS-70DF710NA21 70-inch Smart TV

If you’re on a tight budget, the Insignia NS might be the right choice for you. This 70-inch Smart TV offers 4K UHD and more. The Fire TV Edition makes it easy to seamlessly integrate live over-the-air programming with streaming channels combined on a home TV screen. Even at a budget price, you won’t feel like you’re missing anything regarding picture quality. The 4K Ultra HD with 2160p resolution offers you crystal clear video imagery for the NCAA finals. At around $649, the Insignia NS offers you a lot of television for a reasonable price.

Are You Ready to Enjoy March Madness at Home This Year?

Prepare to host March Madness parties for a few years after you invest in a new big-screen TV. Your home’s reputation as the premier viewing will get out, and you’ll love all the company. The great thing is that you can enjoy the games in comfort, knowing that you get to enjoy your big-screen investment all year long. Fortunately, there are plenty of deals out there to help you make the leap to the big screen. Once you buy an Upsie extended warranty, you’ll rest easy and enjoy fantastic viewing without worry about possible manufacturer defects or accidents when the post-game celebrations start. With 24/7 claims and in-home repairs, Upsie has you covered!

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