The Polk MagniFi Mini Soundbar for Simple Home Theaters

Trusted advice from television pros usually suggests investing in the best-quality TV possible to enjoy high-quality images and durability. Mostly, Consumer Reports finds that more expensive brands tend to perform better, so they may offer better value than cheaper options.

Do High-Quality TVs Need Sound Bars?

There are many TV options available to consumers. Some examples include LED and OLED. LED sets have gotten better in the last few years and generally cost less than OLED sets. For budget-friendly TC choices, customers should consider looking at mini LED TVs from such brands as Samsung, LG, and TCL. OLED might offer the best picture quality, but mini LED sets can please most TV watchers with their quality and budget-friendly prices.
No matter how well the TV performs in some respects, even the best ones seldom offer superior sound quality. The slim size of modern TV cases only provides enough room for small speakers. Thus, people who want to enjoy a home theater experience typically invest in speakers or soundbars.

Why Consider a Polk MagniFi Mini Soundbar?

In particular, soundbars can offer an affordable and straightforward solution to improve TV sound quality. The Polk MagniFi Mini soundbar’s benefits include its small size, simplicity, and excellent sound quality.
Some essential features of the Polk MagniFi Mini Soundbar include:
  • The 2.1-channel device comes with its own wireless subwoofer. The speaker component includes four 2.25-inch drivers and two 12mm tweeters.
  • The entire soundbar only measures 13 inches in length and looks relatively stylish, so most people should have no trouble finding a place to put it.
  • It connects through WiFi and has an HDMI port, plus users can cast to the soundbar directly from their phone. The soundbar also offers Bluetooth, a 3.5mm port, and an optical port.
  • Casting lets the soundbar play sound from many popular apps. The package also comes with a full-sized remote with intuitive controls.

How Much Does the Polk MagniFi Mini Soundbar Cost?

The Polk MagniFi Mini Soundbar retails at a list price of $300, but shoppers should not have any trouble finding it discounted for as much as $70 less. The small size and high-quality sound might surprise some people, but overall, excellent sound reproduction and multiple connectivity options make the MagniFi Mini a reasonably good value. In addition, unlike many other small soundbars, this one also comes with a full-sized remote.

The Best Extended Warranty for Home Theater

In particular, people who don’t have a lot of space will appreciate the MagniFi Mini’s compact build and the complete set of features, including the main component, subwoofer, and remote.
To protect this valuable soundbar set, many prudent consumers will want to pair it with an Upsie extended warranty for soundbars. Some beneficial features of Upsie protection for soundbars include:
  • Customers can purchase a warranty online for up to 60 days after buying the device.
  • Warranty protection includes protection for speakers, electronics, power, and connectivity.
  • Live customer service reps answer the phone 24-7 to handle claims and arrange repair services.
  • Customers can choose between local or mail-in repairs, and Upsie pays for two-day postage both ways for mail-in service.
Just as the MagniFi Mini surprises people with its small size, Upsie astounds consumers with its combination of robust coverage, high-quality service, and affordable prices.
By selling directly to customers, Upsie costs up to 70 percent less than warranties from competitors. Plus, with affordable rates and premium services, customers get the best protection at the best price. Upsie protection plans also cover TVs and other components, plus many kinds of electronics.

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