Exclusive Features from the Top Samsung TV’s

Samsung is known for its uncompromising quality in manufacturing high-end displays of all sizes. The company probably made the display in your smartphone, even if you’re carrying an iPhone in your pocket. And they make excellent 4K and 8K televisions, too.
Curious which features and models set Samsung apart? Keep reading to find out about the Top Samsung TV’s.

Enticing Samsung Features

Samsung is an innovator, and the company has pioneered several new technologies for top Samsung TV’s over the years. Below, we will briefly outline a number of these technologies, explaining what they are and what they will do for you.


We’ve all seen LED TVs, and OLED displays are becoming commonplace in flagship smartphones. But what is QLED? The Q stands for “quantum dot.” To be honest, what that means is pretty technical, but it’s a big improvement over standard LED technology. By using dots of variable size to control color rather than simple white LED with colors over top, manufacturers can get much more vivid colors.
Samsung doesn’t own QLED, but it is very heavily invested in it. The company is also taking a unique approach to the technology, which is described in the linked Forbes post.

Quantum Processors

Smart TVs just keep getting smarter. Early smart TVs were often sluggish and honestly kind of unpleasant to use. Smart consumers ended up plugging in a Roku stick and bypassing the “smart” functionality altogether.
Samsung’s Quantum AI Processors are one solution to this problem. With an impressive chipset, Samsung’s displays can handle all the computation necessary to produce vivid imagery and run smart TV software. (More on that later.)


HDTVs are becoming a thing of the past as most consumers upgrade to 4K displays, which have four times the pixels of HD and are capable of producing stunning imagery. As 4K technology becomes cheaper, you can bet that there’s something else on the horizon: 8K. It has four times the pixels of 4K (and 16 times the pixels of HD!), and it looks gorgeous.
Do you really need an 8K display? That depends on how you define “need.” There isn’t a ton of 8K content available yet. But thanks to Samsung’s Quantum AI processors, all 4K content will be upscaled to 8K on Quantum AI-equipped 8K sets. In other words, it will look fantastic.


This is Samsung’s term for their audio engine. Q-Symphony allows you to pair your TV’s speakers with a soundbar for a more realistic “faux surround” experience, among other features.
Other models have other sound-related features, including Object Tracking+ and Active Voice Amplifier. Features and innovations vary by model. Whatever you select, the audio experience on top Samsung TVs will be better and more widely compatible than what you get on a no-name TV.

Smart TV Powered by Tizen

A quality smart TV needs a well-functioning operating system, one that’s nimble and efficient. Samsung’s answer is Smart TV powered by Tizen. You’ll enjoy voice assistants like Bixby and Google Assistant built in, and the Universal Guide is handy.

Top Samsung TV Models

QLED Pick: Samsung Q800T QLED 8K UHD HDR Smart TV (2020)

Everything we said about 8K, the Quantum AI Processor, and Smart TV by Tizen applies to this gorgeous QLED model. This impossibly thin 8K TV has tiny, nearly invisible bezels for an immersive viewing experience.
Oh, and it’s big. Really big: available in 65, 75, and 82 inches.
Of course, TVs this thin scare us a bit. Tipping is always a concern, as is bending or cracking. If you’re not too confident that you’ll keep it safe, consider an extended television warranty.

Lifestyle Pick: The Frame

Samsung also has a wide-ranging Lifestyle Collection, TVs with particular uses or aesthetic advantages. Our top pick there is The Frame. The big selling point here is aesthetics. The TV looks like a gorgeous picture frame. The intent is to mount The Frame on the wall. When you’re not watching TV, The Frame displays art and looks just like a painting hanging on your wall.

Protecting Your Samsung TV

Samsung TVs can be truly impressive, but they can also be a bit of an investment. If you’re dropping $1500 or more on a new high-end Samsung display, you don’t want to get stuck with high replacement costs should something go wrong.
Upsie offers an affordable extended television warranty that covers all sorts of defects and flaws. Nearly anything that can go wrong with your new Samsung television, Upsie covers it. Warranties are available in two, three, and five-year plans, and Upsie’s TV extended warranties come with zero deductible for all covered in-home repairs.
To sweeten the deal even more, you’ll save a bundle over what the big-box stores want to charge for the exact same coverage. If you’re ready to protect your Samsung TV, get covered today.

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