Home Theater Gifts for Movie Enthusiasts At Home

Birthdays, anniversaries, holidays – choosing the perfect present can be tricky. However, the good news is that, if they’re movie buffs, we may have just the answer.
Passionate about all things home theater-related, we’ve put together a list of six fantastic gifts for movie enthusiasts. From projectors to popcorn makers, prices start at under $15. For costlier techy gifts and gadgets, we’ll also look at how to protect them with an extended warranty. With Upsie, a variety of TV and home theater warranty solutions are available, all at up to 70 percent less than the cost of coverage sold elsewhere.
Best of all, warranties for headphones, soundbars, projectors, and more can be purchased and gifted along with an item. With that, an extended warranty could be just the icing on the cake this festive season!

Wireless Headphones

To kick things off, a must-have gift for movie enthusiasts surely has to be a pair of top-rated wireless headphones. Providing a truly immersive movie-watching experience, they’re a versatile alternative to other options, like traditional sound systems.
At the same time, there’s the added benefit of being able to indulge in the latest and greatest movies at full volume without disturbing anyone else. For inspiration, why not take a look at the best movie headphones for a cinematic experience?


Like wireless headphones, soundbars are a great way of getting a cinematic movie-watching experience without needing an entire home theater sound setup. For the same reason, they’re perfect for use in bedrooms and elsewhere around the home, too.
Countless options are available from brands including Creative, Sennheiser, Sonos, Vizio, Yamaha, and Zvox. Prices range from less than $100 to more than $1,000. As a result, finding one that meets the criteria for a particular gift should be a breeze!

Home Theater Projector

Many movie enthusiasts already own a projector. For those who don’t, then, what better gift? Just as with soundbars, prices vary, as do specifications and precisely what each model offers. As such, it’s important to do a little research before committing to one projector or another.
With top-rated models potentially costing thousands of dollars, an extended projector warranty should also be purchased at the same time. When buying an extended warranty for a product that’s a gift, make sure that transferring the policy to the intended recipient will be as straightforward as possible.
Thanks to Upsie, it’s easy to send the gift of a protected device. All that a recipient has to do is log in to the Upsie website to accept their gifted warranty. It’s as simple as that!

Universal Remote

The perfect complement to any existing home theater setup is a universal remote. Ideal for when there are various components to control—like Blu-ray players, audio receivers, speakers, streaming media devices, and even games consoles—the best universal remotes unify things for an unsurpassed movie-watching experience.
Helpfully, CNET has put together a list of the best universal remotes of 2021. Any one of these is sure to make the ideal gift. Alternatively, numerous other options are available to suit all budgets from the likes of Amazon, Best Buy, and other popular retailers.

Popcorn Maker

Where a less techy gift is preferred, what about a popcorn maker? Few things go together better than movies and popcorn. Of course, ready-to-eat popcorn from a bag is fine. However, freshly popped popcorn is hard to beat! Various popcorn makers are available, costing from as little as $12, as is the case with the Hotpop Original Silicone Microwave Popcorn Popper.
Alternatively, a more robust standalone option like the Cuisinart EasyPop Hot Air Popcorn Maker is easy and healthier than bagged popcorn. It will certainly be a well-received gift for any popcorn-loving movie aficionado.

Collectors Box Set

Along the same lines, where a movie buff has a favorite film or franchise, why not consider buying them a collectors box set? A great example is The Godfather: 40th Anniversary Collection Blu-ray. Prices vary, but the right choice could make a spectacular and well-thought-out gift for a special someone, whatever the occasion.

Home Theater Warranty

For headphones, projectors, soundbars, universal remotes, popcorn makers, and more, there’s an Upsie warranty that’s perfect. Upsie warranties offer complete peace of mind against manufacturer defects, mechanical faults, and other failures. Their extended warranties are comprehensive, affordable, and easy to understand.
By dealing directly with Upsie rather than a middleman, you’ll save up to two-thirds or more on the cost of coverage compared to warranty solutions sold elsewhere, including big-box stores. Accordingly, three-year warranty prices start at under $11. With that, why not add an extended warranty to all applicable gifts for movie enthusiasts this holiday season?
For further information, head to Upsie.com or download the Upsie smartphone app for iOS and Android.

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