The LG TV Warranty Versus Upsie TV Warranty

A new, high-quality LG TV can enhance your entertainment experience. You’ll love the crisp new image that makes you feel like you’re in the movie, not sitting on your couch. LG TVs can be expensive, but the experience they bring is typically worth the cost. However, you’ll want to avoid needing any costly repairs. The best way to protect your TV is with an extended warranty.
When purchasing a new LG TV, it may seem like a good idea to buy an LG TV warranty plan along with it. However, LG’s warranty plan isn’t the best TV extended warranty plan, even for their TVs. Upsie has comprehensive coverage that rivals competitors with a lower price. Keep reading to find out why Upsie has the best TV extended warranty for LG TVs.

Coverage of LG and Upsie TV Warranty Plans

Just because LG warranty plans are designed for LG products doesn’t mean it’s the best or even the most comprehensive. LG TV warranty plans cover the parts and labor used to repair damage caused by mechanical or electrical failures, including those due to normal wear and tear, power surges, dust, heat, and humidity. The plan also covers all accessories included in the box, such as cords or 3-D glasses.
Coverage for mechanical and electrical failure is great, but it doesn’t include everything your TV might endure. In contrast, Upsie TV warranty plans also cover mechanical and electrical failure, in addition to dead pixels, screen burn-in, manufacturing defects, sound failure, power supply failure, and more.

Price of LG and Upsie TV Warranty Plans

The LG Premium Care Warranty can extend the limited warranty for one, two, or three years. The prices vary depending on the TV. For example, the TV extended warranty prices for a 55” to 69” $2499 OLED TV is about:
  • $114.61 for one year
  • $150.45 for two years
  • $199.14 for three years
Upsie offers 2-year, 3-year, and 5-year plans, and can save you money on TV extended warranties. For an LG TV of the same price, Upsie charges:
  • $119.99 for two years
  • $170.99 for three years
  • $379.99 for five years
So for about $5 more than LG’s 1-year extended warranty plan, you could get two years of coverage with Upsie. Overall, Upsie’s warranties are nearly half the price of the plans from LG. Upsie will also protect your device for longer with a 5-year plan option.

Filing a Claim With LG and Upsie

To file a claim in the LG Premium Care warranty plan, you can fill out the online form 24/7 or call the customer care service line at 855-549-0540. However, the call center is only open Monday through Friday, 8 am to 11 pm CST, and Saturday to Sunday from 9 am to 6 pm.
In contrast, Upsie knows that accidents and damage can occur at any time on any day, and people in different time zones need to be accommodated too. That’s why, in addition to Upsie’s online form available 24/7, their repair call center is open 24/7/365.
No matter when you call, you will be answered by a real person that will help you get started filing a claim so your TV can get repaired ASAP. Upsie works around your schedule rather than making you work around their schedule.
Once your Upsie claim is approved, a customer service agent will help you schedule a repair. You can choose to schedule a certified technician to come to do an in-home repair on your TV or take your TV to a local certified repair technician. Your plan includes unlimited repairs up to the price of your TV, and if the repair technician can’t fix it on the first claim, Upsie will replace your device. Upsie will reimburse you the remainder of your plan to help you purchase a new TV if it can’t be repaired on the following claims.
If you want to protect your new LG TV, choose an Upsie TV warranty for low prices, comprehensive coverage, and friendly, always-available customer service.

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