How to Choose the Best LG TV Warranty

Your LG TV needs an extended warranty to protect against screen burn-in and other common LG TV problems. This article covers how an extended warranty adds vital protection that keeps your TV safe.

What is LG?

LG stands for Life’s Good. It is a large global home appliance manufacturer that makes TVs and audio equipment, air conditioners, dishwashers, vacuums, and dozens of other products for the home.
LG stands out in the quality TV arena with its OLED line of TVs, which offer deeply saturated color and high-definition video. LG uses a patented operating system for their TVs, making accessing apps and other content a breeze. Their products lean towards sleek, modern designs that complement any room. Some reviewers claim that LG TVs are the best in the world.

Why You Need an LG TV Extended Warranty

TVs have quickly become extremely complicated devices. In addition, higher-end TVs contain thousands of tiny delicate parts that are vulnerable to damage. For example, if you leave the TV on for too long, the TV might develop screen burn-in or pixel damage, which is rarely covered by the limited LG TV warranty.
When you purchase a high-quality TV, you invest in something that you expect to last for many years. However, unless that LG TV is covered under a solid extended warranty, you may be left having to replace it or pay for an expensive repair yourself.
Before investing in a brand new LG TV, be sure you review the three reasons why you need a TV extended warranty. It makes sense to do your homework, with supply and demand being topsy turvy, trucker shortages, and the state of our economy.
Because of supply chain issues, if you buy your dream TV today, you want to ensure it will work for many years to come. Otherwise, you may not be able to replace it quickly. Thankfully, with an extended warranty, the warranty company will cover all repairs and replacements, ensuring that your TV is up and running as quickly as possible.
Some other reasons why you need an extended warranty for your LG TV are screen burn-in, which most limited warranties do not cover, banding, color issues, sound quality, HDMI port problems, and streaming. There are endless things that can go wrong with an expensive TV. You don’t want to invest your hard-earned money in something without properly protecting it.

How to Choose the Best LG TV Protection Plan

Modern TVs come with a ton of advantages like Wi-Fi, built-in apps, and even Bluetooth connectivity so you can instantly pair your favorite headphones. However, all this fancy technology comes at a price — the more features and functionality, the more that can go wrong.
Before buying that new TV, read over LG’s limited warranty. For most LG products, the warranty covers only two years, and it only protects you against manufacturing defects and quality of workmanship. What if the TV screen fails or the speakers stop working? Those are issues that happen all the time, and you need to protect your TV from damage.
Thankfully, Upsie’s extended warranty costs up to 70% less than manufacturers and third-party companies, and it covers screen burn-in, mechanical failure, sound failure, and even manufacturing defects.
Upsie offers the best LG TV protection plan around, and they provide 24/7 claims support and use locally certified repair technicians to fix your TV fast, so you don’t miss a thing. With Upsie, customers can also make unlimited claims up to the purchase price of the TV. In addition, if you sell or give away your TV later, you can transfer the warranty along with it.
Enjoy true peace of mind knowing your precious LG TV is protected from top to bottom even if you accidentally cause damage to it yourself.

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