Does LG’s New OLED EX Technology Improve Upon OLED?

Sometimes, LG appears to only compete with itself to improve its previous television displays. So far, the self-competition appears to have served the company very well.
For instance, LG earned a fantastic reputation for the overall performance of its OLED TVs. Then the company introduced min-LED, which uses numerous small LEDs for brightness. Recently, LG announced a new display tech they call OLED EX, which promises to improve upon OLED.

What is LG’s OLED EX Screen Technology?

According to Tom’s Guide, LG’s new tech relies on a combination of deuterium compounds. This hydrogen isotope produces a 30-percent brighter display. Along with the new formula, LG also developed improved algorithms to promote efficiency and stability.
OLED EX should uncover even more image brightness and accuracy and do a better job of eliminating distortion. For instance, the company says this new screen technology can accurately and elegantly display ripples of light on water and individual veins in a fallen leaf.

What About Screen Burn-In?

Screen burn-in shows up as an occasional problem with brighter TVs, such as those with OLED screens. However, it generally only happens because of specific circumstances, like keeping the set tuned to one station with static images for days or months. LG hasn’t reported any news about screen burn-in with this new technology, but OLED EX also hasn’t yet been released to the general public, so the situation might not have occurred yet.
A typical example could include a news station that constantly displays a specific logo in the same place on the screen. This image gets “burned” into the display. It then shows up as a faint image when the TV’s tuned to another program. Even worse, most manufacturer’s warranties excluded covering screen burn-in, meaning that customers needed to pay for repairs themselves.
Since this problem appeared, manufacturers have applied various fixes to reduce the risks. LG put a lot of thought into implementing OLED EX, so hopefully, this problem will not occur.

When Will LG Debut OLED EX to the Market?

According to The Verge, LG will use OLED EX for all of its OLED TVs during the second quarter of 2022. If that’s when production starts, it might take several more months before these new screens reach the consumer marketplace. Since premium TV sets generally represent a considerable investment, people who want to buy a high-quality TV set may want to wait to see if this new technology lives up to its promise before deciding to invest in this new technology.

How Much Will LG OLED EX TVs Cost?

Since LG hasn’t even started commercial production of its new OLED EX TVs, nobody can predict the prices or features of the products. Today, most of this company’s 55-inch OLED TVs start at about $1,300, and a 77-inch 4K C1 costs more than twice that much. Expect prices of the TVs with the new screen tech to cost at least as much as OLED and perhaps, slightly more.

The Best Protection Plans for LG TVs

After investing in a new TV, consider protecting the valuable device with an Upsie LG extended warranty. Upsie’s protection plans cover screen burn-in, other display problems, power failures, and mechanical and electronic components. Meanwhile, LG’s limited warranty only covers issues related to factory defects.
People who have purchased a TV in the last 11 months can choose between a two-year, three-year, or five-year warranty and enjoy no-deductible repair services. Even better, Upsie claims representatives answer the phone 24-7 to offer help. Best of all, Upsie’s premium plans cost up to 70 percent less than their retail competition.
Customers can also make unlimited claims up to the purchase price of the TV set, ensuring that they get the most out of every warranty.

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