LG Vs Samsung TVs: Which One Should You Choose?

At first glance, most LG and Samsung TVs may appear quite similar aside from a few aesthetic differences. And for those in the market for a new TV, this can make choosing between the two brands difficult. To help you decide which TV brand is best suited for you, let’s take a look at a detailed comparison. In addition, we’ll explore how you can protect Samsung or LG TVs with an extended warranty from Upsie.

Comparing and Contrasting LG and Samsung TVs

Samsung and LG are well-regarded for producing high-quality smart TVs. As a result, there is no clear winner as to which is best. With that said, there are some key differences between the two that may make one brand better than the other depending on what you are looking for in a television.
Starting with the display technologies utilized by each brand, Samsung smart TVs feature Samsung’s proprietary QLED displays while LG TVs come equipped with OLED displays.
Samsung’s QLED displays tend to be a lot brighter than OLED displays. As a result, however, they often struggle to correctly display both light and dark images at the same time. So for those who tend to watch TV in a dark room where brightness isn’t as much of a concern, the higher contrast of LG’s OLED displays may be preferable. However, the dazzling screens of Samsung’s QLED TVs make them a worthy contender.

LG Versus Samsung Software

The key point of comparison between Samsung and LG smart TVs is the software behind each brand’s smart TV platform. LG smart TVs use webOS, which produces a sleek and nominalistic user interface that is highly intuitive to navigate. Samsung, meanwhile, utilizes a Tizen smart TV platform that is quite similar in its layout to LG’s webOS.
LG smart TVs come equipped with Google Assistant as their built-in voice assistant. In contrast, Samsung Smart TVs feature Samsung’s Bixby voice assistant. The choice between these two voice assistant technologies is largely a matter of preference. However, Google Assistant is widely regarded as a more well-polished product than Samsung’s Bixby.
Lastly, Samsung’s lineup of smart TVs tends to be more affordable than LG’s. Although both brands offer premium TVs, Samsung offers a larger selection of budget models than LG’s lineup. If you want to purchase a great TV while spending as little as possible, purchasing a Samsung TV is probably your best bet.

How to Protect Your Smart TV With an Extended Warranty From Upsie

Unfortunately, Smart TVs are not the most durable product in the world and are prone to damage and malfunctions from a wide range of sources. From screen burn-in to power surges that fry its processor, there is no shortage of ways for a costly smart TV to meet its untimely demise.
The good news is that purchasing an extended warranty for your LG or Samsung smart TV through Upsie is a convenient and affordable way to ensure that your TV is covered in the event that it needs to be repaired or replaced. Upsie’s industry-leading extended warranty for TVs is a no-deductible warranty that covers all brands of TVs against damage.
Best of all, Upsie costs up to 70 percent less than warranties sold in-store by retailers and manufacturers. In addition, customers with Upsie warranties can make unlimited claims up to the purchase price of the TV.
To learn more about how you can protect your expensive smart TV with an ironclad extended warranty, be sure to contact Upsie today!

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