Do You Need to Buy a Roku Stick for Your TV?

When Roku started making devices they gained popularity because they added smart functionality to non-connected TVs. But these days, anybody going TV shopping would have trouble finding an old-fashioned “dumb” TV on store shelves. Just about all smart TVs connect to the internet, meaning they can run apps for streaming content, as well as get regular TV channels.
Do TV viewers need a streaming stick from Roku if they already own a smart TV? The answer depends upon personal preferences for a variety of streaming services, ease of navigating around the TV, and various features.

Do Smart TV Owners Need a Roku Stick?

Cnet calls Roku its favorite streaming system and rated it the highest for streaming TV devices. The publication praised the number of options, ease of use, and search features. In particular, Roku doesn’t push any particular streaming platforms as Apple and Amazon devices do.
People also like the Roku remote since it’s simple to use. They offer an app for smartphones that can function as a remote, which is great for those who tend to misplace remotes or lose them in the couch cushions. Some other advantages of buying a Roku Stick include fast loading, smooth performance, and intuitive navigation. In particular, the Roku 4K Plus provides one of the most affordable 4K HDR devices.
Roku enjoys one of the largest user bases of any streaming device or smart TV brand. In turn, streaming services want to work on the platform to cater to the massive user base. Thus, Roku offers a more extensive selection of streaming apps than most smart TVs, making it a popular choice.

Popular Roku Devices in 2022

Roku produces several different types of streaming devices for TVs. Some popular and highly rated examples include:
  • Roku Express Plus 4K: The Express Plus 4K provides users with 4K video and a modest price of just $37. Cnet chose this Roku stick as the company’s best overall streaming device.
  • Roku Streambar: This device combines a TV soundbar with a Roku stick. Priced at $100, it offers excellent value.
  • Roku Ultra: Priced at $60, the Roku Ultra offers many convenient features. Examples include a remote finder, programmable remote buttons, Dolby Vision, and a headphone jack.
  • Roku Streaming Stick 4K: This small and lightweight option offers Dolby Vision and costs $50.

The Best TV and Home Theater Extended Warranty

Roku streaming devices might appear pretty inexpensive for what they do. On the other hand, advanced TVs easily cost several hundred to thousands of dollars. At the same time, these sophisticated new sets combine the functionality of TVs, monitors, and computers. So, in turn, they are vulnerable to many of the same problems. Prudent consumers won’t leave their continued performance to chance.
Upsie offers low-cost, highly rated extended warranties for TVs and home theater components. TV buyers have up to 11 months to enroll in Upsie’s protection. After that, Upsie customers will enjoy no-deductible, in-home repairs, 24-7 claims by phone, and broad coverage against screen, electrical, and connectivity problems. Upsie also offers the choice of two-, three-, and five-year extended warranties, plus the company charges up to 70 percent less than retail store competitors.
A Roku stick may enhance the overall TV experience by providing simple navigation, extra features, and a wide variety of apps. Upsie protection plans can also improve the TV experience by offering convenient service and protection against repair bills.

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