Philips TV Extended Warranty – What Buyers Need to Know

The new Philips TVs for 2022 have undergone plenty of upgrades and new features.These upgrades are on some of the most popular TVs including flagship OLEDS and 4K Mini-LED TVs. And when you decide on a Philips TV, don’t forget your extended warranty.

What’s new with the Philips 2022 TVs?

  • Picture quality is superior to previous models with its 4K UHD and upscaling, laser, backlight, and motion smoothness
  • Stream almost anything with wireless streaming from built-in apps
  • Finally, Philips offers sizes from 32 inches to 65 inches – suitable whether viewing from kitchens to home theaters
Consumer Affairs gives them an overall positive rating with more detailed descriptions and model comparisons on TechRadar.

All About Philips TV Warranties

When you buy a new Philips TV with its newest features and upgrades, be aware that the store or salesperson will try to sell you an “extended” warranty. This is in addition to whatever limited warranty is offered by the manufacturer. (An extended warranty is a fixed-price insurance policy that goes beyond, or extends protection beyond the manufacturer’s original warranty).
Unfortunately, defects and damage happen, even with brand new electronics and appliances, making TV extended warranties like Upsie’s a necessity. However, not all extended warranties are created equal. Consumers should make sure they’re getting a good warranty for their money – one that actually will cover their new purchase for a host of unanticipated problems.
The majority of these store plans, pushed by their salespeople, are written to make money for the retailer or seller. Because they’re not actually meant to help consumers, they often have so many loopholes that it’s difficult to make a claim and get repairs. Luckily, Upsie warranties are different.
Most current appliance and electronics manufacturer warranties are usually effective for a year or less. It seems to always coincide right about the time that your device breaks down. Newer TVs and other electronics seem to be especially vulnerable due to the use of more complicated computerized components.

What should a TV warranty cover?

Here’s a checklist based on information from consumer tech review site Lifewire. Warranty coverage usually applies to newer digital TVs that can experience the following problems:
  • Screen burn-in
  • Dead pixels
  • Power supply
  • Other manufacturing defects
  • Free replacement
  • Low or no-cost repairs
  • Some better plans like Upsie include in-home service or free pickup if the unit has to go to a repair shop
When does an extended warranty make sense?
  • When taking into consideration the value of the item purchased – especially if it has to be replaced due to defects
  • The length of the manufacturer’s warranty
  • The plan’s price as well as type of coverage
  • The length of the additional policy as well the date coverage starts
Since TVs today are much more complex than just a few years ago, there are more things, like computerized parts, that can go wrong and would need expensive replacement.

Why warranty shoppers are making the switch to Upsie

Upsie can save consumers hundreds of dollars in warranty costs while providing better coverage. Find out below what Philips TV customers looking for extended warranty coverage can expect in coverage for just a nominal cost.
The Upsie TV extended warranty covers:
  • Screen burn-in – this includes all television models and types, including Plasma, QLED, OLED, and LCD
  • Sound/ speaker failure – Upsie includes issues with sound volume, quality, controls and microphone
  • Mechanical failure – Upsie’s coverage includes manufacturer defects, non-accidental motor failure, ball bearings, gears, internal tubing, chips, rotors and other internal moving parts
  • Power supply failure – Upsie covers power failure, power shorts, and internal cord replacement
  • Problems with Internet ports, buttons or connections – broken and malfunctioning buttons and controls are included in Upsie’s coverage
  • Wifi failure – issues with internet or wifi connectivity resulting from manufacturer defects are covered
Repair choices for Upsie buyers are local repair (smaller TVs), in-home repair (larger TVs) or replacement if a repair is not possible.
Upsie coverage starts immediately for screen burn-in, with the remaining coverage overlapping until the manufacturer’s warranty expires. Upsie’s full coverage kicks in immediately after, so the TV or device is never unprotected.
Buyers can opt to sign up for an Upsie extended warranty for up to 11 months after purchase, meaning that there’s no need to worry about having to rush into such an important decision.
With Upsie’s affordable, comprehensive coverage, you can confidently say “no” at the store and get Upsie instead.

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