The Top 10 Gaming Console Controllers in 2021

Having a good console controller can greatly enhance a player’s experience. Gamers should look for controllers that feature responsiveness, comfort, and a decent battery life. Other features may also factor into a player’s purchase decision based on their gaming console and personal preferences.

Ten Top Choices for Gaming Console Controllers

The top ten best gaming console controllers have a wide range of features that can change a gamers experience. Take a couple of minutes to compare the highlights and potential drawbacks of top controllers for gaming consoles in 2021.

1. Nintendo Switch Pro Controller: The Best Choice for the Nintendo Switch

It’s not always the case, but the manufacturer’s Switch Pro Controller beats its third-party competitors. Wired called this controller “nearly perfect” when they named it their top overall choice. They even said they would have ranked it higher in other categories, but it only works with a Nintendo Switch. This controller delivers comfort and responsiveness for $59.

2. Scuf Prestige: Great for Xbox and PC Gaming

In addition to its compatibility with both Xbox and PCs, Scuf delivers a solid build. The Scruf Prestige also provides four mappable paddles on the bottom for easy access during play. The Scuf Prestige costs $175.

3. Microsoft Xbox One Controller: Top General Xbox Controller

Tom’s Guide rated this controller their top overall pick. Like the Scruf Prestige, this first-party product works with both Xbox consoles and PCs. As with Wired’s top pick, it’s still limited in that it doesn’t work with all gaming systems. It’s comfortable to use, feels solidly built, and costs only $23.99.

4. Scuf Infinity4PS Pro; The Best PS4 Controller

Scuf shines again with its top PS4 controller. It feels comfortable to use and lasts a long time between charges. Expect to pay about $140.

5. Razer Wolverine Ultimate: A Powerful Wired Controller for Xbox

Most of these rankings highlight wireless controllers, but the Wolverine Ultimate requires a corded connection. In addition to being lightweight and comfortable, the Wolverine Ultimate comes with extra control options. These stylish controllers cost $159.

6. Sony DualSense Controller: Perfect Complement to a PS5

Sadly, supply chain issues have made PS5 consoles hard to find. When customers can acquire one, they should consider buying this slick and stylish controller as an accessory. Some unique features include vibrations to indicate game activity and custom-tensioned triggers. Find it for sale for about $70.

7. 8Bitdo SN30 Pro Controller: For a Retro Experience

The 8Bitdo SN30 Pro Controller is a great option for those who want a retro gaming experience. The controller even comes with a joystick, so it offers a perfect solution for playing old-style video and arcade games. Some manufacturers make controllers that exactly replicate retro controllers. This 8Bitdo device honors and surpasses them. Find it for $59.

8. Microsoft Xbox Adaptive Controller: An Accessible Controller for Xbox

Some people can’t comfortably use or even hold conventional controllers. This product works with a variety of switches, buttons, and even foot controls, so almost everybody can create a controller that works well for them. It makes gaming accessible for more people and retails for $100.

9. Astro C40 TR: A Customizable Controller for Playstation

While it doesn’t offer the accessibility options of the Adaptive Controller for Xbox, the C40 TR does provide plenty of customization options. For instance, removing the faceplate will reveal a popup thumbstick. It features an ergonomic design but feels a little heavy. Expect to pay around $300

10. Hori Real Arcade Pro.V Kai: Top Choice for Fighting Games

Many fans of serious fighting games still prefer an old-fashioned, arcade-style joystick to control the action. This controller offers a more responsive and simple way to control fighting games. It costs $230.

Do Gaming Console Controllers Need Extended Warranties?

Today’s best controllers pack high-tech, sensitive components into a tiny device. However, controllers are prone to damage. Luckily, Upsie offers affordable extended warranties for controllers. These two- and three-year plans offer protection against the following forms of damage:
  • Spills
  • Drops
  • Mechanical issues
  • Manufacturing defects
  • Component and power failures
  • Connectivity issues
To enjoy the best gaming experience, take the time to compare high-quality gaming console controllers for various gaming machines. After buying a controller, customers have up to 60 days to purchase an Upsie extended warranty. Besides gaming controllers, Upsie also warranties gaming consoles, PCs, and many other devices.

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