About the Atari VCS: A Modern Offering from a Classic Brand

Atari was a pioneer in the gaming console market in the early 1970s, long before many of today’s gaming enthusiasts were born. However, the lore and quality of the brand has made Atari timeless and beloved by multiple generations. Maybe you’re like countless other gamers and have kept your Atari 2600 game console, also known as the original Atari Video Computer System (VCS), stowed in the back of your closet for nostalgia-sake.
Fortunately, you can soon take a break from your Nintendo Switch, Playstation, or Xbox for a modern take on gaming with the Atari VCS. If you’re looking forward to the release of this PC/console hybrid, and how you can protect your Atari VCS with an extended video game warranty, keep reading.

A Brief History of Atari and the Love Its Fans Feel for the Arcade Game Brand

The wait has been long for this hot gaming release. Fans remain passionate and eager to get one into their hands to start playing like it’s 1982, the year early gaming hit its peak. Atari had already released Space Invaders and Asteroids to throngs of first-generation video gamers in 1982. They sealed their massive cultural influence during what is known as “The Golden Age of Arcade Video Games.” Over the decades, the classic gaming company has reached legendary status, thanks to the many cultural references in television shows and films. You can also thank younger Baby Boomers, Generation X, and millennials for keeping the Atari flame emblazoned. Now Generation Z and beyond has a chance to enjoy a new gaming release from the classic video game brand.
Industry insiders who have had a chance to test out the Atari VCS have shared some insights. They disclosed that the new gaming console/PC hybrid offers the perfect blend of nostalgia and the excitement of playing something completely new. The VCS offers all the modern touches you love in today’s gaming, including wireless, Wi-Fi support for downloadable games, rechargeable controllers, and much more.

Everything You Need to Know About the Atari VCS

Die-hard Atari fans and overall game lovers will want to know some basic details as soon as possible. Let’s take a look at what you can expect from the Atari VCS.

What Is the Release Date?

Unfortunately, no one but Atari knows the official release date of the VCS. However, signs do indicate a May 2021 release. However, you can pre-order this latest contender in the gaming console arena, ensuring that the wait is almost over. The reported price for this console is $399.

What Can You Expect from the Gaming Experience?

TechRadar discusses what a fascinating new concept the Atari VCS is, commending the gaming company for offering something new. It isn’t simply a tribute to the original Atari 2600—there’s a modern twist you’ll love. As a hybrid between a PC and a console, you have the option to play more than 100 home and arcade classic Atari games. Additionally, you can play countless new titles and stream your favorite television shows in 4K HDR. Finally, you can boot the system via PC mode and install your favorite operating system, making it uniquely flexible.
In a highly competitive time for gaming PCs, featuring offerings from gaming brands like the Sony PS5 and XBox, the Atari VCS offers something, the Atari VCS offers an alternative and a chance to try something new. It might also serve you well if your first choice of consoles is out of stock.
With the VCS, you can access a huge variety of traditional PC functionalities, making it as practical as it is fun and nostalgic. That means you can use your hybrid gaming machine for office work, checking email, online shopping, and much more. Over time, people are likely to see the many values associated with this new gaming option, thanks to the PC angle.

The Atari VCS Comes with a Gaming Console Set to Spark Memories

The Atari VCS comes with the console, a wireless controller and a classic wireless  joystick most Atari 2600 gamers remember fondly.

Are There Any Downsides to the Atari VCS?

The only thing coming close to a complaint about the Atari VCS is that you have to turn off the power to shut down the game manually. Otherwise, like most other gaming options, it’s a matter of personal preference when looking at the foundation of the machine and the games it offers.

Get Ready to Turn Back the Clock Several Decades While Reveling in the Latest Innovation from Atari

Get ready to enjoy this latest offering from the beloved gaming company from the 70s and 80s. Remember to protect your gaming console/PC investment with an Upsie extended warranty to keep up the fun for years forward.

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