7 Best Meta Quest Kids Games for a Fun VR Experience

Meta (previously called Oculus) brings Virtual Reality (VR) gaming home to your family. Your kids can take on exciting new adventures around the world from the comfort of your living room. Meta urges parents to use caution when deciding whether kids under the age of 13 are ready to use VR headsets, according to SuperParent. VR Marvelites expands on this idea, noting that Oculus has developed a vast library of games for young people to foster creative trouble solving and critical thinking in a calm and violence-free environment.

The 7 Best Games for Your Kids to Launch or Broaden Their VR Experience

Meta has developed games to take your kids on safe and exciting adventures or tackle a new learning problem in the comfort and safety of your home. It is up to you and your kids to decide the types of adventures they will experience, but Meta (previously Oculus) Quest 2 has given you a lot of choices to consider. Here are the seven best games for your kids.

1. Dance Central

If your kids love to dance or just need to burn some energy, Dance Central is the perfect addition to your VR collection. This face-off style dance challenge lets your kids compete against virtual dance partners. Your kids will need to mirror the dance moves they see to the right of their partner. Featuring 32 songs, each tune comes with its own choreography, so your kids won’t have a chance to get bored before they get tired.

2. Pet Lab

Animal lovers and those who enjoy magic will love Pet Lab, where they can create, train and perform experiments with their magical creatures in their magic shop. Your young magician can design new varieties of animals in shapes and sizes developed in their imaginations. They can come up with new species, adding specially shaped ears or horns, and train their small creatures to compete against other players.

3. Down the Rabbit Hole

This game takes place in the familiar Lewis Carroll universe where Alice took on her own adventures. Down the Rabbit Hole, however, does not include Alice and is instead a prequel to Alice’s adventures. Your child takes on the role of adventurer, making their way further and further down the rabbit hole. The game challenges your child with puzzles taking them back and forth through both sides of the looking glass. Fortunately, the whole family can join in for this madcap romp.

4. Eleven Table Tennis

The classic tabletop game has come to the world of VR. Eleven Table Tennis is the premier table tennis simulation experience for your kids. They can play against other kids at their same level of proficiency or challenge themselves with top AI table tennis competitors. Your kids can also play mini-games that serve as training sessions to improve their hand-eye coordination, serve, movements and more.

5. Acron: Attack of the Squirrels!

If you and your kids have ever laughed at the antics of squirrels hoarding nuts in your backyard, Acron is perfect. This charming game bears a resemblance to “capture the flag,” but in this case, the flag is a giant pile of acorns. Your kid will fight off the massive army of squirrels trying to take the acorns. Acron gives the whole family a chance to participate since everyone can download the app on their respective devices and take on the roles of one of the warring squirrels.

6. Radial-G: Proteus

If you have a future speed racer on your hands, Radial-G is the game for your family. This game features a futuristic, sci-fi setting for kids who want to race without any limit on the g-forces that have them slammed and glued into their seats. The high-energy techno music is the pitch-perfect soundtrack to this high-speed, gravity-defying, space-racing VR experience.

7. Fujii

To restore some peace and quiet after a space-race adventure, Fujii is the perfect meditative journey. This peaceful game aims to restore balance to nature by providing your home garden with the necessary resources. To achieve this simple goal, you need to solve various puzzles.

Is Your Oculus Quest 2 Advanced All-in-One Virtual Reality Headset Protected by an Extended Warranty?

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