What to Know About the Ayn Odin Handheld Gaming Device

TechRadar referred to the Ayn Odin as the best handheld gaming console that most people have never heard of. Unlike well-known handheld gaming consoles like the Switch, the developers of Ayn Odin crowdfunded their work with an IndieGogo campaign. After successfully concluding their fundraising, Ayn Odin has already begun shipping these devices to its early backers. However, they haven’t been released to the general marketplace yet.
The device should satisfy pent-up demand for a retro gaming handheld, and according to early reviews, the indie developers produced a high-quality product. Even though few people have heard of the Ayin Odin gaming devices yet, many more gamers will learn about it in the future.

What to Expect From the Ayn Odin Handheld Gaming Console

The Ayn Odin stands out because it’s intended to work as an updated version of a retro handheld, like a Game Boy. The developers took an Android phone and wrapped it in a gaming console shell to create the Ayn Odin. Many gaming consoles rely on the Android OS, including the Oculus, NVIDIA Shield, and Fire TV Game Console.
Still, the new device does a lot more than an old-style handheld. The new Ayn Odin handheld can run retro games with emulators, cloud gaming, and native Android games. The case makes the device comfortable to hold and games easy to control with familiar buttons. It also boasts impressive specs and appears to perform very well.
If anybody’s curious, the old Game Boy devices had a BIOS but not an actual operating system. Instead, games interacted directly with the hardware. As explained by HandHeldLegend, the games technically served as the machine’s operating system while they ran. The new Ayn Odin runs Android OS, sports a Snapdragon chipset, USB-C charging, and HD screen graphics.

How Much Will the Ayn Odin Gaming Device Cost?

Crowdfunding supporters enjoyed a discounted pre-release price, and the device’s developers have not yet announced when they will release the product on the retail market. This list shows published prices for both groups for the three different versions of this handheld gaming console:
  • Odin Lite pre-release: $147
  • Odin Lite retail: $238
  • Odin Base pre-release: $177
  • Odin Base retail: $279
  • Odin Pro pre-release: $288
  • Odin Pro retail: $325
For anybody who’s interested, the manufacturers still have the IndieGogo Campaign running, so it’s not too late to grab one of these devices for the pre-release price. Ayn Odin also offers an optional dock for use with controllers for a pre-release price of $390.
Does the Ayn Odin offer good value? The pre-release prices almost feel like a steal. Even with the higher retail prices when the devices finally ship to retail stores, it looks like a decent deal when compared to similar handhelds.

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