Best N64 Games to Play on Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo 64 ranks up there with the best in terms of iconic games consoles. And now, many of the greatest games are back. Gamers with the Nintendo Switch can enjoy classic and nostalgic games from the N64.
The N64 was the 1996 follow-up to the older Super Nintendo Entertainment System. The console still enjoys a cult following, with specific super-rare original game cartridges selling for thousands of dollars. Yet, those keen to relive the glory days of the iconic Nintendo 64 needn’t break the bank. Instead, many top-selling titles are now readily available on the Switch. So, which are the best?

Top Three Nintendo 64 Games Now Available on Switch

Except for a few ported titles, Nintendo 64 games have only recently landed on the now-five-year-old Switch. Accordingly, it’s been 25 years since the launch of the N64. And classic games like Mario Kart 64 are finally ready to play once more on the current-generation Nintendo console.

Mario Kart 64

With that, Mario Kart 64 is a great place to start. Few N64 games are more fondly remembered, especially in four-person multiplayer mode. Subsequent iterations of the game have, of course, impressed. Yet, it’s Mario Kart’s first 3D outing on the N64 that remains the most charming.
It’s almost impossible not to love Mario Kart 64. Add three friends and things only get better, with the game’s undulating circuits still guaranteed to delight players of all ages.

F-Zero X

Few other racing titles have ever come close to offering the nail-bitingly precise experience delivered by F-Zero X, which boasts smooth, stripped-back, and blisteringly fast gameplay. Thankfully, F-Zero X’s dizzying courses and epic soundtrack remain just as impressive on the Nintendo Switch as they were on the N64 back in the day.
Although previously available on the Nintendo Wii, the Switch version comes into its own when played with the wireless Nintendo 64 controllers now also available for the console. The perfect way to dive back into the 3D worlds that debuted on the N64 system, the $50 official controllers are especially well-suited to titles like F-Zero X.


And finally, Banjo-Kazooie. Originally unveiled by Nintendo back in 1998, Banjo-Kazooie has returned for the first time on the Switch in January 2022. While Mario Kart 64 and F-Zero X both offer a real hit of N64 nostalgia, Banjo-Kazooie feels like even more of a blast from the past. With such finely tuned gameplay and an unmistakable fairytale story formula, it’s now a must-try title on the Nintendo Switch.
Expansive, charming, and just challenging enough, Banjo-Kazooie further benefits from its similarly unmistakable characters, varied worlds, and humorous animations. Topped off with a cheeky and adventurous-feeling soundtrack, it has to be one of the most long-overdue returns of any game and one that feels perfectly at home on the modern-day Switch.

How to Play N64 Games on Nintendo Switch

Tapping into the N64’s back catalog of games is as simple as subscribing to Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack. In addition to all of the benefits of a Nintendo Switch Online membership, Expansion Pack subscribers can also play a selection of N64 games.
While not inexpensive at $49.99 per year, it will continue to represent better and better value for money as more N64 games are added. In the meantime, Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack subscribers also get access to several retro SEGA Genesis games and the latest Animal Crossing DLC, worth $25, at no additional cost.

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